A Review of Episode 35 Of Dragon Ball Super, Spoilers for The Next Episode, Can Vegeta Defeat Magetta? Let’s See

Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese animated television series created by Toei Animation that is aired on Fuji TV. The series began airing on July 5, 2015. The 35th episode of the series was just aired and it featured a fight between Vegeta and Frost.

Frost had earlier cheated in fights against Goku and Piccolo by poisoning them with a needle. It was decided that he should be disqualified for his misdeeds. However, Vegeta stepped in and said that he wanted to teach him a lesson and thus he should not be disqualified.

In episode 35, they were pitted against each other and Vegeta made a quick work of his unscrupulous opponent by powering up to Super Saiyan and then bursting in a super explosion which threw Frost out of the ring. After defeating Frost, Vegeta states that he has not used his full power yet.

After the whole incident, fans saw Beerus trying to find the hole that was left by Frost’s needle. Eventually he is able to locate it and when he does, he appeals to reinstate Goku in the tournament because he was not legitimately defeated by Frost.

Apparently, the fan favorite character will be back in the tournament in the next episode. However, since Piccolo forfeited the tournament, he was not reinstated into it.

Goku then gets involved in an altercation with Beerus when the latter does not allow him to be the last fighter. Beerus wants Monaka to be the last one to fight. The episode drops hints that something about Monaka is being kept secret by Beerus.

In a conversation with Beerus, Whis asks him when the real identity of Monaka will be revealed. This further strengthens the fact that there is something more about Monaka than he is letting on to.

A change was also brought about in the main rule of the fights. Previously, a fighter would lose a match if he or she is thrown out of the boundary of the floor. Champa added a barrier around the ring and declared that a fighter has to touch this barrier to be declared defeated. The change did not go down well with Beerus and he got involved in an argument with Champa for altering the rules.

The unscrupulous Frost is seen heading towards the cube of Champa where the gifts are kept. The gifts are meant for the winners of the tournament, however, Frost is drawn towards the attractive gifts and he plans on stealing them.

Vados spots Frost and decides to follow him and prevent him from stealing the gifts. However, that was not needed as Universe 6’s Hit also spots Frost and comes to confront him. Frost asks Hit if he has been hired by someone to finish him off.

Hit then attacks Frost with some kind of powerful energy blast that knocks out Frost and prevents him from stealing the gifts.

After that the episode moves on to the next match which is between Vegeta and Magetta. It is here where the barrier which is made of air is created around the ring by Champa.

Champa states that he was doing it to create an extra layer of protection for the audience. Magetta has a metal body and his body is filled with some kind of hot lava like liquid and it is the main source of his power.

Magetta starts throwing punches at Vegeta, but he is able to dodge those. Vegeta manages to land a kick on Megetta’s head but the latter is left unfazed as the kick did not have any effect on his metallic body.