Brandon And Callie Think Of Talking To The Family, Musical Makes Mariana And Mat Deal With Their Feelings, Upcoming Episode Of The Fosters Season 3 To Deal With Death!

The latest episode of saw the musical based on Romeo and Juliet being played. The musical written by Brandon helped him to explore his complicated emotions and sort things out.

The Romeo and Juliet play acted as a major backdrop for many of the stories. The showrunners had made it very clear that the musical will bring in together the major storylines for the season and take it forward for the season finale that is due next week.

Brandon and Callie have been struggling with their feelings for a while now. The two don’t know how to deal with the emotion and their family. Brandon and Callie sleep together and develop feelings for each other, only end up being adopted by the same family that makes them siblings. They had tried to make things easy and had avoided each other, but they have realized that the feelings aren’t going away.

Brandon wrote the play in order to make sense of his feelings and sort things out. Mariana talks to Callie on the night of the musical and makes a comment implying that things would have panned out well for Romeo and Juliet if they hadn’t kept things hidden. This makes Callie wonder if Brandon and she should come clean about their relationship to the family.

Brandon had asked Callie to help him out for the musical and after singing Love Will Light the Day together, Callie asks Brandon if he thinks that they should come clean about their relationship to their parents. Star Pulse reports that Brandon is very frustrated with life and he decides on an impulse that they should wake everyone up and inform them about their past.

However, Callie stops him and asks him to calm down and sit. They decide that they cannot come clean anymore since it is very late. The family isn’t the only issue that Brandon has to deal with. He is in a relationship with Cortney. Cortney has child and he had freaked out when people started thinking that he was the father of the child. Cortney isn’t sure that Brandon is ready to date a woman who has a baby and she isn’t sure that things are over between her boyfriend and Callie.

Mat and Mariana are still dealing with their feelings. While Mariana still harbors feelings for Mat, he doesn’t know how to deal with the issue. The two had to play the role of Romeo and Juliet and pretend to be in love with each other and in the course of the play realize that they still have feelings for each other.

Mat, however, has to deal with Chloe, who goes and informs Mariana and that the two of them had sex and that Mat would never break up with her after that. If this wasn’t enough, Mariana and Mat realize that Nick had stolen Mat’s letters to Mariana since he has feelings for her.

Lena and Stef are very supportive of their kids who gave worked so hard to make the musical a grand success, but Stef is called off to work in the very last minute and she is unable to attend the musical. Lena seems worried that Stef is working so hard given her health, but she doesn’t say anything.