Brandon And Callie Think Of Talking To The Family, Musical Makes Mariana And Mat Deal With Their Feelings, Upcoming Episode Of The Fosters Season 3 To Deal With Death!

Stef gets called to attend a case of domestic violence and upon reaching the location realizes that the house is the same one where Jude and Callie used to live in. Stef steps inside to see that a man is brandishing a gun. Stef notices that he is very nervous and in spite of being shot at, she is able to dodge the bullet and disarm the man.

While she tries to find the man’s wife in order to get her statement for the case of domestic violence, Stef gets a call that states that the man’s wife wasn’t at home and that the call wasn’t for her. This is when Stef finds a body in the kitchen and realizes that it is Jack.

Jack had already moved to the Foster’s home after his group home had been shut down because of case of abuse and violence. He is going to put up with them until he moves into a new foster home and he is there at the right time since Jude and Connor had just broken up and Jude is heartbroken.

Jack helps Jude nurse a broken heart and while trying to help him out, the two end up sharing a kiss. Jack kisses Jude only to cheer him up since he wouldn’t stop crying, but Jude realizes that there is a hope that he can get over Connor and he tries to text Jack and move on. However, he doesn’t get a reply and we now know why.

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