Kingdom Hearts 3 To Feature Zootopia World? Cloud Strife and Sephiroth Likely to Feature in Game!

The rumor mill has been quite busy regarding the next iteration of Kingdom Hearts game from the house of Square Enix. Kingdom Hearts 3 is supposed to hit the market in the ongoing year or the coming year and the latest batch of rumors pertaining to the game suggest that a Zootopia world might be incorporated into it by the developers.

Just in the recent past, the animated movie Zootopia was released by Disney. Three worlds that have already been confirmed for the game are- Hercules, Tangled and Big Hero 6. Looks like Zootopia is going to be the latest addition to the series of worlds that will be in the game.

Writer Kenny McDonnel was the one who dropped hints about the inclusion of Zootopia in the upcoming game. According to him, Zootopia has the capability to stand toe to toe with the other worlds that will be featured in the game.

He was all praise for the Zootopia movie and stated that the movie is better than many high concept films. Rumors are doing rounds on the internet for quite some time regarding some other worlds that might be seen in the game. These include the likes of- Toy Story, Frozen, Wreck-it Ralph, Wall-E, The Emperor’s New Groove, The Jungle Book, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.

Tai Yasue, the director of the game even hinted towards the possible inclusion of worlds from Star Wars and Marvels. He pointed out that since Disney now owns them, there might be a possibility that they might be incorporate into Kingdom Hearts 3.

However, Square Enix is of the opinion that since Disney maintains strict rules when it comes to licensed materials, chances are quite low that Star Wars or Marvels will be included in the upcoming game.

It is also being rumored that Final Fantasy VII famed Cloud Strife might show up in Kingdom Hearts 3. Cloud Strife is a beloved character among fans and his inclusion in the upcoming game will definitely be good news for them.

This rumor was sparked off when the voice actor of Cloud Strife, Steve Burton sent out a tweet which stated that he will be involved in something big associated with the game in the coming weeks. Prior to the tweet, he was asked by fans whether Cloud Strife would be in the upcoming game.

Fans have started speculating that Burton will be involved in voice-acting for the character of Cloud Strife for not only Kingdom Hearts 3, but also for the remake of Final Fantasy VII. However, there has been no confirmation regarding the matter from the developers as of yet.

Rumors also have it that another character from Final Fantasy VII- Sephiroth might also make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3. If indeed these characters show up in the upcoming game, it will not be the first instance of their appearance in a Kingdom Hearts game.

Both these characters have made appearance in the first game of the series. In that iteration, these characters were portrayed as antagonists and Sora and his friends were pitted in battles against them.

Various reports suggest that if these characters show up in the upcoming game, Could Strife might be seen defeating Sephiroth in it with the help of Sora and his friends.

Jim Cummings, the voice actor of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger had previously given confirmation to the fact that both of these characters will be included in Kingdom Hearts 3.