Fans Watch Leaked Video, Mystery of Lion to Be Sorted in Steven Universe Season 2!

Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe Season 2 has no news as to when it can be expected. The series went on a hiatus and reports suggest that there are 26 more episodes that are due to be aired. With fans getting restless to find out what’s in store for them in the coming season, Cartoon Network is maintaining an eerie silence over the whole issue.

There are no official words on Steven Universe Season 2 and fans have to be happy with the fact that there are supposedly two leaked videos from the upcoming season that give them an idea of what can be expected in the upcoming season. The two leaked videos are titled Barn Mates and Super Watermelon Island.

The Barn Mates video shows Peridot running away from the roaming eye of Yellow Diamond. Before Steven can figure out how to save his new friend, Lapis Lazuli steps up and destroys the roaming eye with her magical powers to help Peridot escape. Christian Today has reported that the video also shows how Steven helps his friends Peridot and Lapis Lazuli to get along with each other.

The two are each other’s enemy and they both get into a fight when Lapis Lazuli ends up breaking a gift that Peridot gives her after she saves her life. Peridot gets very upset and Steven fearing that she will leave the Crystal Gems, tries to reconcile the two and help them come together as good friends.

In the second video, Super Watermelon Island, the fans along with Steven will learn what had happened to the watermelons in Steven Universe Season 1. Steven Watermelons are created, who turn out to be evil when Steven had eaten watermelon and discarded the seeds with his saliva on them.

Ecumenical News reported that apart from these two videos that hint at two episodes that will be featured in Steven Universe Season 2, there are some other episodes whose names have been released. Some of them are Too Short to Ride, Hit the Diamond, Drop Beat Dad and Steven Floats.

As the story of the popular series goes. The last season saw Peridot removed from her Cluster after she tries to defend earth in front of Yellow Diamond. Yellow Diamond hates anything living from earth and she couldn’t believe that her best fighter would stand up for them.

The Diamond Authority has already decided to send Yellow Diamond to earth to deal with the situation where Steven and the Crystal Gems had been trying to defeat the Cluster.

Yellow Diamond is a powerful force and she is going to come down hard on Steven and the Crystal Gems, but then she is going to be one earth without her most powerful fighter, Peridot.

Peridot, as Yellow Diamond has found out has enjoyed the Crystal Gems and this will anger Yellow Diamond beyond any limit and she will end up trying to kill her. However, Lapis Lazuli will come in and spoil that plan of hers.

Movie News Guide has revealed that Steven Universe Season 2 will also explain how the Diamond Authority had come to possess control over the gems. The Gems have their own powers and drawbacks like humans. It is only Yellow Diamond who feels that her gems, the diamonds are without any drawbacks and this is likely to lead to her fall.