Robert Kirkman Reveals His Reason for Leaving Transformers 5, Michael Bay Not Directing Anymore Transformers Films!

Transformers 5 is going to have a very exciting plot since the writing team that Paramount Picture has roped in for the upcoming film is exceptional. Paramount Pictures has asked Oscar winning scriptwriter Akiva Goldsman to head the writers’ room. Writers like Ken Nolan, Art Marcum and Matt Holloways will work in the script for the upcoming Transformers film.

Robert Kirkman was supposed to be a part of the team that will be working on the script for Transformers 5, but he has revealed that he will not be able to work on Transformers 5 since he had to give up on the project because of a throat surgery.

Enstarz reported that Robert Kirkman, who is known as the writer for the series Walking Dead had to leave Transformers 5 even before the work on the script had started since he had to head to surgery on the day before the work was scheduled to start.

Transformers 5 is expected to start filming in Michigan and Detroit as confirmed by the President of Paramount Pictures, Lee Rosenthal. He said that Michigan has always welcomed them with open hands and they have a special relationship with Michael Bay and Transformers and they are thrilled to have found out that the upcoming instalment will be shot in Michigan again.

The casting call for the movie has been released and it mentions that those selected will have to work in London, Michigan and Detroit. The fact that London was being considered for location of Transformers 5 was reported once by the media, but there was no official confirmation about it.

It looks like either the casting call hasn’t been updated with the latest change or Paramount Pictures is yet to reveal that Transformers 5 is going to head to foreign locales for the shoot. The studio had been looking for options in England and Ireland because of some added tax benefits that they provide to the films being shot in their countries.

Akiva Goldsman and his team of writers have decided to go back in time to explore the vast history of the Transformers that have been created by Hasbro to try and find material that they will use for Transformers 5. International Business Times has already confirmed that the upcoming film will have two plots.

The first one wills see Optimus Prime heading to outer space. He will try to talk to the creator of the Quintessons to figure out a way to stop him from attacking earth to destroy the human race. While Optimus Prime heads to outers pace, te other aspect of the plot will look after things on earth. Ultra Magnus will be looking after things back on earth and he will be aided by Cade Yeager played by Mark Wahlberg.

The details of the plot haven’t been revealed yet since it is still being formulated. Akiva Goldsman has only revealed that he and his team are going to incorporate stories that are very important in the franchise, but have never been depicted on screen before.

There are rumors suggesting that Transformers 5 might show the much awaited fight between Unicron and Optimus Prime.

The fans are excited about Transformers 5 since it is going to see the combined magic of Akiva Goldsman and Michael Bay. Michael Bay has directed all the Transformers films till date and there were reports claiming that he wouldn’t have time to devote his attention to Transformers 5 and in his place his Jonathan Liebesman will be directing the film.