Pokemon Go Is a Masterpiece with Amazing Real-World Features, a Dead Body Was Found While Playing This Game!

Niantic Labs, the game’s co-creator is behind this masterpiece. It was a skunkworks project made inside Google around six years ago. Even after coming out of Google last fall, it stuck to its core objective.

The first multiplayer game by Niantic in 2012, named Ingress. In Ingress, players were assigned into two different teams, The Resistance, and The Enlightened.

Players had to venture out into the real world. It featured a massive global game to capture the flag. According to Polygon, a major part of real-world data found in Pokemon GO comes from Ingress. It is not clear why Google parted with Niantic.

The technology used by it fits loosely into the company’s strategy for augmented and virtual reality. Niantic revealed that Ingress enjoys more than 14 million downloads, which is quite sizable but nothing compared to Google. However, Niantic was funded by Google, around $30 million to build Pokemon GO.

Meanwhile, a rather bizarre yet scary incident took place when a woman from Riverton, Wyoming, named Shayla Wiggins (aged 19), was looking for a Pokemon in a natural water source. Sadly, she found a dead body instead. She told County 10 that she was walking towards the bridge along the shore when she came across the dead body in the water.

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