Liam Tells Wyatt That He Will Pursue Steffi, Upcoming Episode Of The Bold And The Beautiful Sees Katie Drinking!

There are a few interesting things lined up for the next episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Liam (Scott Clifton) is expected to give Wyatt (Darian Brooks) some news that will shock him.

Wyatt will not know how to react to the news that Liam has changed his mind about going ahead and pursuing Steffy (Jacqueline Macinnes Wood). It looks like Liam isn’t ready to respect the fact that Wyatt and Steffy are married.

Wyatt will have to put on a fight since Liam apparently feels that everything is fair in love and war, and he isn’t going to stay away from Steffy and Wyatt will have to give his all to save his marriage. Wyatt will try to make desperately Liam change his mind. He will say that Steffy had already made her mind and Liam is now a bad loser.

Liam, as the viewers know, isn’t someone who is ready to accept defeat so fast, and he isn’t going to see through Wyatt’s intentions. He will tell Wyatt very clearly that his marriage with Steffy wouldn’t have become a reality if Quinn (Rena Sofer) hadn’t intruded and hence Liam doesn’t accept the marriage. He makes it very clear that he will continue chasing Steffy for the rest of his life if that is what he has to do.

Wyatt is in a precarious position. As reported by HNGN, Wyatt had overheard Steffy talking about Liam. She does confess that she had decided to choose Wyatt and stay committed to him, but she cannot seem to forget the feelings that she has for Liam. Will this dilemma tear apart Wyatt and Steffi’s relationship?

There was a lot of anticipation and tension about what would happen in The Bold and the Beautiful when Katie would find out about the affair between her husband and sister. It was Liam who spilled the beans. Katie had always been suspicious, and she begs Liam to tell her the truth at Wyatt and Steffi’s party.

Liam was guarding the secret with all his strength, but when he saw Katie begging him to speak out. Bill had, in fact, asked Liam to stay away from Steffi and had asked him to respect her decision. However, Liam decides to go ahead and pursue Steffi now that he knows how low Bill had stooped and that there is no place to upheld the words of such a man.

Things are going downhill for Katie (Heather Tom) in The Bold and the Beautiful. She will feel that her whole world is about to collapse since both Bill (Don Diamont) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) had betrayed her. This will cause her to seek solace in alcohol. This isn’t the first time on The Bold and the Beautiful that Katie has resorted to alcohol to divert her mind from the current situation.

She had used it previously to keep her suspicion at bay, but now she hopes that the alcohol will help her forget everything that is happening in her life.The Bold and the Beautiful will see Bill finding Katie completely wasted and will try to help her.

Instead of pacifying Katie, this will make matters worse since her wounds from his betrayal are still fresh. Bill will feel that Katie isn’t ready to take care of little Will in such a condition and will take the kid away from his mother, which will push Katie to the edge.