Liam Tells Wyatt That He Will Pursue Steffi, Upcoming Episode Of The Bold And The Beautiful Sees Katie Drinking!

According to International Business Times, it doesn’t look like The Bold and the Beautiful will see everything going smoothly when it comes to Bill and Liam. The father-son duo is going to engage in some serious issue since Bill isn’t in a very forgiving mood now that his affair with Brooke’s is out in the open.

The previous episode of The Bold and the Beautiful saw Bill and Brooke deciding to come clean about their affair to Katie. They feel that they need to come clean since Katie had heard him talking on the phone and had heard him mention Brooke’s name. This is when Brooke gets a call from Liam stating that Katie is in a bad state, and Brooke decides to go over to Katie’s and come clean.

Brooke wasn’t keen on coming clean to Katie since she didn’t want her sister to suffer any further. However, Liam convinces her that Katie needs to know the truth since she has been getting paranoid thinking about things.

In other news fromThe Bold and the Beautiful, it looks like Quinn and Eric (John McCook) are going to continue their fling. Some feel that this is serious, while others feel that Quinn is having some fun since she had to give up Liam.

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