Respawn Entertainment Brings In Six New Titans In Titanfall 2, Reveals Two Of Them At The E3!

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall blew the minds of the players. The game was following the popular Call of Duty franchise by the same developers, but it quickly made a name for itself.

As reported by The Guardian, Vince Zampella, and Jason West, who started the Respawn Entertainment had a lot of expectations from the second game that they were going to develop, and Titanfall surely matched up to all their expectations.

Titanfall had a brilliant gameplay where the players were allowed to get the robots into an arena, with unmatched visual and audio. However, there were a lot of players who complained that Titanfal didn’t have much tactical depth. In spite of being thrilling with some exciting gameplay, there was only so much that the players could do.

When Zampella and West started working on Titanfall 2, they read through the comments of the fans in all the gaming blogs and discussion forums. They got a lot of honest feedbacks about the matches and the game in particular and had analyzed them all to see how they can address them in Titanfall 2.

Titanfall was a game that packed in a lot, but some players wanted to have more depth to the gaming experience. They wanted the game to have some better levels of mastery that would challenge them with every new level. They wanted a game which brought in something new with every road that they chose to explore.

Titanfall 2 has the same robots and the pilots, but the players can be assured of a lot of changes and updates in the overall experience. The first thing that the developers at Respawn Entertainment did was bring in six new Titans. The Titanfall 2 demo at E3 already introduced the players to two of the new Titans.

The first one is Ion, who is capable of laser attacks and is equipped with a Splitter Rifle that fires deadly energy bolts at the enemy in quick succession. The second one is called Scorch and has a massive T-203 Thermite Launcher, which cordons off a particular area with flames.

These new Titans weren’t added to Titanfall 2 just to make the game more exciting. They were added so that the tactical nature of the game gets enhanced when the Titans fight with each other.

Respawn Entertainment has tried to make the Titans in Titanfall 2 visually different, clearly stating their power and weapons. The previous instalment became difficult for the players since they didn’t know how to go about with a Titan until they would start fighting. This time, since they know who they are dealing with, they know how to combat, which brings in more tactics and makes Titanfall 2 exciting.

Given that there are new Titans with new powers and weapons, the weapon arsenal has to be expanded in Titanfall 2. Gaming Bolt reported that the weapon balance in Titanfall was very good.

It didn’t have any issue apart from the Smart Pistol, which was a nightmare for the players. The fans of Titanfall 2 are hopeful that given their good reputation, Respawn Entertainment will continue maintaining their weapon balance.