Smith Family Wishes Jaden Smith With Adorable Flashback Photos, Jaden Releases His New Track!

The Smith family has always been a closely knit one. They always come out to support each other and express their love for each other on the social media, without shying away. On the occasion of Jaden Smith’s 18th birthday, the whole Smith family poured their best wishes and love to the young man.

Will Smith share a baby photo of Jaden Smith and wished him on his special day. He added that it is surprising now Jaden Smith has turned 18-years-old, and he is still trying to figure out his life. Jada Pinkett Smith shared another adorable photo of Jaden Smith and wished her son.

She called Jaden Smith the prince of her life, who was born so that she could understand how capable she is of loving someone. She went on to call Jaden Smith one of the brightest light of her life and addressed him as her friend, her soul and her treasure. She signed off by wishing him a very happy birthday.

Jaden Smith’s sister, Willow Smith, however, shared her love for her elder brother on his special day, by sharing a more recent photo. She shared a photo and said that she loved her brother to infinity.

While his family came out to wish him with all their love and best wishes, Jaden Smith heralded his birthday in a slightly different note. He released his new track, LABOR V2, which a two-minute string instrumental with the lyric “eighteen, eighteen” and is followed by a rap by Jaden. Jaden Smith might have just turned 18, but the young man is full of wisdom and has always made comments and remarks that are way beyond his age.

He does the same in the new song. He calls him a confused teen who is caught in between the innovator and the hyper beast that he wants to be. He goes on to address his critics and says that they might not like him.

Jaden Smith goes on to address the racial discrimination the spurt of violence that has been seen in the past couple of days, saying that just because someone is black doesn’t mean that the person is a felon.

When it comes to music, Jaden Smith has been silent lately, but according to Complex, the singer/rapper has recently met up with Norwegian producer, Lido, and the two even performed at Coachella. Smith collaborated for a special show for Lido’s debut album, Everything. Lido has gone on to state that Jaden Smith is one of his closest friends, and his is one of the most important voices on the album.

While growing up, Jaden Smith has tried his hands on myriad careers, from acting, to modelling. He has always been in the public eye given that he is the son of two popular Hollywood actors, but that has never stopped Jaden Smith from making a mark of his own.

In recent times, Jaden Smith has changed the game in the fashion industry by becoming the face of the women’s fashion line for Louis Vuitton. He has shot campaigns wearing a skirt and has raised many an eyebrow. Jaden Smith had recently opened up about his decision to wear skirts while talking to Nylon Magazine.

He said that he is starting a movement so that one day when a little kid wants to wear a skirt to school, he doesn’t have to be laughed at and ridiculed. He is attempting to make the world a better place where these gendered notions will not be present.