PlayStation Plus: List of Free Games Announced for January, PlayStation Europe Uploads Wrong List of Games!

The PlayStation Network was knocked off for a period of 10 hours on Monday and Sony is yet to shed some light on the possible reason for this outage. A hacking team that goes by the name of Phantom Squad has reportedly claimed responsibility for the outage.

A similar outage was experienced by fans during the Christmas season and it continued for nearly a week before Sony was finally able to get their online network back on track. The company had offered a five-day extension to PS Plus members as a compensation for the outage.

The recent incident came to light on Monday morning when reports from various parts of North America and Europe claimed that the PSN has been knocked off by an outage. The outage affected all the PS platforms and players were not able to access the PlayStation Store or play online games during the course of the incident. Much to the relief of PlayStation console owners the problem was finally fixed by Sony after a period of 10 hours.

There have been no specific details from Sony as to for how long the company is planning to extend the subscriptions for existing members.

Stay tuned for more update on PlayStation Plus.