PlayStation Plus: List of Free Games Announced for January, PlayStation Europe Uploads Wrong List of Games!

PlayStation US had recently announced a host of brand new games for PlayStation Plus subscribers for the month of January. This announcement came through the official blog of PlayStation Plus US. The announcement stated that subscribers of PS Plus will be able to download from a choice of six different games that will be available for free till the conclusion the ongoing month.

Owners of the PS4 module will be able to download Hardware Rivals and Grim Fandango: Remastered for free in the current month.  Grim Fandango: Remastered is also available for free download for PS Vita owners along with two other games, History: Legends of War and Nihilumbra. The program also unlocks Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Dragon Age: Origins for PS3 owners.

Owners of PS modules in Europe had some confusion as PlayStation Europe reportedly uploaded a wrong list of games that will be available for free download in the month of January. This forced PlayStation Europe to issue a statement that informed fans about the error. Apparently, the game Legends of War: Patton which was listed for free download for the PS Vita was wrongly included in the list.

The game is actually a PlayStation Portable game and will not be available for download for The PS Vita. The statement issued by PlayStation Europe stated that Legends of War: Patton was mistakenly included in the list and it has been replaced by the correct game that is- History: Legends of War.

Similar names of the two games has been cited as the cause for the mix-up. Some lucky fans who were able to get their hands on the wrong game can keep it in their possession for the duration of the subscription.

History: Legends of War is a strategic-action role playing game that incorporates 3D action. The game will take players back to the time of the second World War where they will find themselves engaging in vicious battles against enemies in different locations that include the famous city of Berlin and the beaches of Normandy.

Fred Dutton, the Blog Manager of PlayStation stated that the game is not currently available for download in certain countries that include Russia, Australia and New Zealand. He further added that the company is hard at work at making History: Legends of War available for PS Plus members of these countries and will come forward with any concrete news regarding the matter as soon as possible.

PS4 owners will be able to gain access to next-gen online multiplayer service through PlayStation Plus. The PlayStation Plus program will enable PS4 owners to get in touch with other PS4 owners who share the same interests regarding games. These players will be able to connect with each other and play games in collaboration through a brand new multiplayer service.

The yellow PS Plus icon on the home screen of the PS4 system will allow players to access all the services of PlayStation Plus in one place. Selecting this icon will reveal a menu from where players can gain access to all the games currently in their PS Plus library.

It will also let them check out and download the free games of a month. Under this menu,players can find different online multiplayer games to play with friends and can also have a look at the discounts that are offered exclusively to members of the PS Plus service.

Just in the recent past, Sony made an announcement that stated that the company is extending subscriptions of PS Plus and PS Now for existing members because these online services were shut down on Monday due to a PSN outage. Sony took to twitter to make the announcement and also showed gratitude towards fans for remaining patient during the whole incident.