Lindsay Lohan: Makes Racial Comments, Announces Plans To Run For President!

Lindsay Lohan had her brush with the police once again. The actress supposedly created a chaos in a Manhattan bar that resulted in the police coming over to pacify the scene. Things began when Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali entered the Vbar situated in Greenwich Village on Friday evening.

The two sisters simply walked into the bar and made their way to the restroom. They waited in the beeline and once inside the restroom, refused to come out for over 20 minutes much to the dismay of the other people at the bar.

The bartender was called for to handle the situation and when after repeated knocking the siblings refused to come out. The bartender lost his temper when after repeated request Lindsay Lohan and Ali refused to heed to his knocking. He threatened to call the police and that is when Lindsay Lohan lost her temper and became downright aggressive.

According to, Lindsay Lohan opened the door, looking glazed and the moment she saw that the bartender who was knocking at the door was one from West Africa, she started hurling racial abuse.

She used a fake African accent that told him that he shouldn’t be in New York because he isn’t from here and should go back to Ghana. The onlookers were shocked at this outburst of Lindsay Lohan.

There was an onlooker who tried to stop Lindsay Lohan from being so verbally abusive and Lohan ended up spitting on his face and things broke loose. Everyone started ganging up against the Lohan sister asking them to leave the Vbar immediately.

Lindsay Lohan and Ali left the bar, but they returned in less than half an hour. The bartender blocked their entry and Lindsay Lohan started pounding on the windows with her palms. She was completely messed up and looked like she was under the influence of some substance.

A friend of the Lohan sisters came in to fight the bartender and was getting very aggressive and abusive, but when he saw that he was being filmed, he snatched away the onlooker’s phone and ran away. He was chased by the others present in the bar and was stopped until the police came to the scene.

The bartender spoke to The Post and said that he was very scared of what was happening because he was afraid that his being a Black guy would become an issue. However, the police were very understanding and they inquired of him whether he wanted to press charge against Lindsay Lohan and her friend, but he said that all he wanted was for them to leave his bar. has reported that Lindsay Lohan has announced to run for President in the next Presidential run in 2020. She is the latest celebrity to do so apart from Kanye West.She called the Queen of England, Barrack Obama and Kanye West was her inspirations.

She made this announcement on the social media and extended her support to potential Presidential rival Kanye West.Lindsay Lohan also mentioned that the first thing that she will do as the President would be to end the suffering of all the children in the world.

She said that she was shown how to do that by Queen Elizabeth, who was kind enough to let her be in her country England. Even though Lindsay Lohan has mentioned about this quite often on the social media, there are no official confirmation about this plan of hers.