PlanetSide 2 PS4 Shows Frame Rate and Performance Issues While Trying To Match PC Quality, And More

You can easily find a lot of important information regarding various gaming topics, from YouTube.  If you wish to find some rare and exciting info regarding a recently released game, head over to this video engine, and you won’t be disappointed. This holds especially true for PlanetSide 2. PS4 gameplay videos of this title have revealed some frame-rate issues.  Thanks to DigitalFoundry, gamers can now witness a rather telling video showing how PlanetSide 2 performs on Sony’s latest PS4 console.

The game is visually quite striking and its details approach the ultra-graphics setting on the PC. However, the draw distance is less and so is the LOD. The development team aimed for the creation of a title where the level of graphic detail closely resembles the PC quality and performance. It can be achieved by internally adjusting the various settings in order to optimize PlanetSide 2 for the PS4 console.

A scrutiny of the gameplay videos and screenshots specifically reveal that the texture resolution, lighting quality and particle detail are quite similar across all the various platforms. In the meantime, post-processing AA is used readily and to great effect as well. The AA also creates a subtle blurring effect that helps to mask any differences in an effective way.

However, in the end, PlanetSide 2’s performance on the PlayStation 4 cannot compete with high-end PCs. At the same time, it was never really meant to. In order to provide an overall smoother experience, the final fps will be capped at 30 frames per second.  Presently, the beta version of PlanetSide 2 is running without vertical synchronization enabled, in order to get a better handle on optimization.

Analyzing the latest gameplay video is quite fun. The performance is fair but it does reveal the limitations of the PS4 console to handle open, large environments with a large number of players at a time. At times, the overall performance can easily reach 60 frames per second where there is little action and less terrain to be rendered.