Hart Of Dixie Season 5: Actors Hopeful For A New Season, Might Not Include Rachel Bilson, And More

Hart of Dixie fans live under an uncertainty of whether a season 5 is to be looked forward to or the story ends with the end of season 4.  No official news has come in about the fate of the four season long series, but fans remain hopeful for yet another exciting series of their much loved show.

In an interview to E!Online, actress Jamie King who plays the role of Lemon in the series, said that she herself is uncertain about the fate of the show. She admits to the fact that Hart of Dixie was not doing too good with its viewership ratings which puts the fate of a new season under question.

King went on to say that this is a tricky situation for them as ratings are not what they are running after, but the fact lies that with low TRP no production house would like to flush in too much of money and have a new season go on air.

King also mentioned that it is not the viewership that is the primary issue, but the timing. With Rachel Bilson getting pregnant and taking a maternity leave the series has come to a fix. She mentioned that everything has an effect on the final decision that will be taken regarding Hart of Dixie Season 5.

The series wrapped up season 4 by tying all the loose ends together. The season got concluded with Zoe Hart ending with Wade, but fans are of an opinion that the series has more stories to tell them and it should have season 5 coming up soon. Fans have also come up with alternatives like a season without Rachel Bilson.

Bilson who plays Zoe Hart in the series recently gave birth to a baby girl named Briar Rose. It looks like the actress has retreated after the end of season 4 of Hart of Dixie. Bilson with her husband Hayden Christensen are reported to fly out of Los Angeles. It is still unclear whether Bilson is quitting the show to give her baby daughter time or is it just an interim period before which she is back on the sets of Hart of Dixie.

9 thoughts on “Hart Of Dixie Season 5: Actors Hopeful For A New Season, Might Not Include Rachel Bilson, And More”

  1. THERE IS NO SHOW IF ITS WITHOUT THE MAIN CHARACTER IT WOULD BE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SHOW IF IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am not surprised they haven’t got the audience figures. It was very popular here in the UK for Seasons 1&2 and then the Really channel stop showing it so the UK hasn’t seen Seasons 3&4 which is so disappointing for UK audiences. It seems as if the UK has been sold out in favour of channels that will pay more. I would love to see Seasons 3&4 but don’t know how.

  3. Really hoping that everything works out for another season, with all them back on board. As exciting and full as the finale was it was so fast paced that it really left me wanting more… More Wade & Zoe… next season would be so awesome watching them with their newborn 🙂 it can’t be the end 🙁 <\3

  4. I love Hart of Dixie it would be so hard not to see Rachel Blision.They could say that she went so new york to stay with her mom

  5. I think the show would still be great even without Rachel Bilson lets not forget it was created around her character, but as time went on we all fell in love with Lemon, George, Lavon, AB, and all the rest of the cast, Zoe aka Rachel could always do cameo parts and return at a later date, there is so much more to add to Hart Of Dixie the relationships as they blossom a new replacement for Dr Hart more characters…it may be a good thing and add new spice 🙂

  6. Hey k wild you can go on primewire.ag and watch your missing seasons. I loved season 3 , I feel 4 was very rushed

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