Teen Wolf Season 5: Jeff Davis Reveals Exciting Scoops, Coming Up With Their Best Season, And More

It’s time to see Teen Wolf fans jump in joy as we finally have the news that season 5 is all set to go on air in months to come. To add on to the fun of it, the fans of the series are treated with an opener that last for two long nights!

Ever since the final credits came of season four on September 8, 2014 the fans have been anticipating the fate of the series. Much to people’s relief finally the official news is out and the fans are treated with the 5th season of the series.

With the drop of the teaser at the MTV Movie Awards on the 12th April, Twitter has been flooded with tweets about the series from all over the globe, showing the large viewership across different regions. The show is scheduled to be premiered on June 29. The trailer has shown major focus on the major villains.

The villain named Doctor has been given significant screen space in the trailer raising questions about whether he is partially human or not. Jeff Davis the creator of the show has been reportedly saying that the villains are at least partially human.

Jeff Davis over an interview with Entertainment Weekly has gone ahead and spoken about some of the storyline that the audience should be looking for in the upcoming season of Teen Wolf. Speaking about Malia hunting her mother down, Jeff also mentioned that Braedon will be part of the mystery and will be featuring in the 5th season.

He further went on to mention about digging deep into Deputy Jordan Parrish’s character which needs to be explored to deeper heights. Jeff also added that someone new will feature in season 5 as the lone wolf. It will be played by Cody Christian who has previously been seen in Pretty Little Liars.