Teen Wolf Season 5: Jeff Davis Reveals Exciting Scoops, Coming Up With Their Best Season, And More

MTV posted a summary of the new season which talks about how Scott and his friends will have a new life after they graduate and how the world forces have already been planning about separating the pack way before they see their graduation. Villains are expected to be seen with new supernatural powers to plot traps and create trouble for the pack, until Scott and his friends are eventually ready to take the big bad world of villains.

Even with over 2 months to the release date fans are being treated with a lot of inside scoops about the new upcoming season. Tyler Posey in an interview with Hollywood Life did mention that this season will have hell break loose as the characters will not know whether to focus on skills of survival or go ahead and save people in the big wide world or to focus on getting into school.

Every tough situation will be placed in front of them, for the wolf pack to battle their way out through problems and strike a balance between saving, surviving and dealing school.

With all the pre-release talks and people from the show coming up and speaking the little that they are, it seems the series is coming up with their best season so far. Fans need to wait until June 29 to find out what and how things finally roll out.