Peridot And Lapis Lazuli Become Friends In Steven Universe Season 2, Crystal Gems Scare Steven With Stories In Early Halloween Special Comic Series, And More

Christian Post has reported that Steven Universe is going to deal with the mystery of the Lion. It is believed that the Lion might actually be a Bismuth, who is pretending to be a Lion. There are chances that he is actually Pink Pearl who is hiding her real identity in order to stay close to Steven.

Lion is going to become a part of Crystal Gems since he is showing affinity towards the earth and Steven. There are rumors hinting that Lion knew Rose Quartz, Steven’s mother and also possesses humanoid powers.

Crystal Gems is going to get a lot of new characters in Steven Universe Season 2. Lapis Lazuli is very fond of Steven ever since he had saved her from the glass and she is going to join the Crystal Gemsbecause of that. With Peridot becoming their friend and realizing that she can never go back to fight for Yellow Diamond, she is also likely to join the Crystal Gems.

Steven Universe Season 2 will also see the mystery surrounding the control of the gems by the Diamond Authority. The gems have their own power and drawbacks and they are very much like the humans in that sense. However, Yellow Diamond feels that her diamonds are all powerful and doesn’t have any drawback. This looks like the reason for the downfall of the Yellow Diamond.

Steven Universe Season 2 was supposed to be out by March-April, but then that is not happening. Visit the page for more news on Steven Universe Season 2.