Peridot And Lapis Lazuli Become Friends In Steven Universe Season 2, Crystal Gems Scare Steven With Stories In Early Halloween Special Comic Series, And More

Fans are waiting for Steven Universe Season 2, but there are no official word on when they can expect the new season. The first season went on a hiatus with 26 more episodes to be aired and since then Cartoon Network has been completely mum about the whole series.

The fans have to be happy with the fact that there are two leaked videos from the upcoming season that they can watch and get an idea about what is in store in Steven Universe Season 2. There is one video called Barn Mates that shows Peridot running away from roaming eye and Lapis Lazuli coming out to save her from it with the help of her magic.

The second video is titled the Super Watermelon Island and will show how the Steven Watermelons from Season 1 will be tackled by Steven. Steven had ended up creating terrifying Steven Watermelons after he discarded the watermelon seeds.

Since the fans might have to wait for a while before Steven Universe Season 2 is released, they can read up the very early Halloween special comic series that has released on 16th March.

The series was written by Josceline Fenton and is called Steven Universe and The Crystal Gems. The art for the series is done by Chrystin Garland and shows the Crystal Gems head to Beach City where Steven starts to share scary stories with them.

When it is turn for the Crystal Gems to tell the story, Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst start with their own stories and Steven listens to them carefully. Comicosity has revealed that Steven gets very scared after listening to the stories and has to pacify after a really scary one about a villain that can turn Gems into glass. The Gems will have to stop their story-telling session to Steven realize that they are simply sharing stories and there is nothing real in any of them.

Since there are no official work about Steven Universe Season 2 from Cartoon Network, the fans are starting to make their own speculations and continuing to build their own story unless they are told otherwise by the network.

As the viewers of the first season of Steven Universe will know, Peridot that been removed from the Cluster by Yellow Diamond after she opposes the latter’s hatred for Earth. The Diamond Authority then ends up sending Yellow Diamond to earth since they are constantly being attacked by the Crystal Gems and want Yellow Diamond to deal with the issue.

When Yellow Diamond comes to earth she realizes that Peridot has become a part of the Crystal Gems and tries to capture her. However, Lapis Lazuli steps up and saves her.

Yellow Diamond might be defeated for the time being, but she is a powerful force to reckon with and there are speculations that she will not be the only villain that Steven and his friends will have to tackle this season.

Steven Universe will also see Steven trying to make his friends Peridot and Lapis Lazuli become friends. Lapis Lazuli and Peridot were initially enemies, but then they start to cool off only for it to become force when Lapis Lazuli ends up destroying a gift that Peridot gives her. However, Steven intervenes and saves the day by winning both of them over.