Android 6.0 Marshmallow Being Rolled Out for Verizon LG V10 and Motorola Moto X Play, Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5 To Receive It Soon Along with Lenovo K3 Note, And More

The latest reports regarding Android 6.0 Marshmallow suggest that the particular OS is currently being rolled out by Verizon for the LG V10. The software version on the device will be updated to VS99022a after it is upgraded with the latest Android OS.

However, it should be noted that all the Verizon LG V10s are not receiving the update at the same time. Users of the device should receive a notification for the update if it is ready to receive the update.

At the same time, users can manually check for the update by heading over to Settings> About phone> Software updates. This should show whether a device is ready for the update or not. Users need not worry if their device is not yet showing any update notifications as it will be rolled out by Verizon for all the LG V10s over due course of time.

The LG V10 was introduced to the market back in October 2015. It came with android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box. The new update will bring several new features to the phone which include Doze Mode and Now on Tap.

The update will expectedly have a size of around 1GB thus users should ensure that there is enough space on their devices for the update to be downloaded. They should also plug in their device to a charger while upgrading it to ensure that it does not run out of juice midway.

Another carrier, Sprint is ready to introduce the update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The update will reportedly be rolled out in the near future and it will come with a size of 1.3GB.

Alongside the new OS, the update will also bring a brand new version of the TouchWiz interface. The TouchWiz interface is developed by Samsung and this interface is used in all Samsung smartphones in combination with the OS.

Apparently, this interface will have a brand new design and will be sleeker compared to the existing version of TouchWiz. As for the new OS, it also brings a number of new features to the device, which include the trademark Doze Mode, a new quick connect option and also new patterns of vibrations.

The Doze Mode is essentially a battery saving mode which when activated shuts down all background activities and puts the device in a deep sleep like state. This ensures minimum battery usage which results in prolonged battery life.

The quick connect option will enable the device to recognize connectivity options that have previously been used on the device with ease thus making it more user friendly. It is advisable for users to update all apps on the device to their latest version after installing the OS update as this will ensure best that they get the best performance from their devices.

The decrypting function is not supported by the latest Android OS and thus a user will not be decrypt his or her device after upgrading it to Marshmallow in case it is encrypted. The device should be getting the update notification automatically however in case it does not, users can check the update status by following the steps that are mentioned above.

Latest reports indicate that other carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile are also gearing up to release the update for the Galaxy Note 5.

It looks like Sprint is currently quite busy with the Android Marshmallow update as a renowned website reports that alongside the Note 5, the company is also rolling out the update for another Samsung device, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

The site reports that users of the device in regions like Europe and India are presently receiving the update. However, it also adds that gradually the update will be rolled out in other parts of the world too.