All The Details About Pokémon GO, How Can It Boost Your Local Economy? Let’s See!

The next generation of Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform is Pokémon GO. This particular platform combines augmented reality and mobile location technology to deliver a unique game experience. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t get more innovative and interesting than this. It actually motivates the players to go outside and start exploring for Pokémon.

Players will need to explore their surroundings in order to discover and catch new Pokémon. There are certain wild Pokémon that will only appear in their native environments. For instance, Water Type Pokémon will only appear in near water bodies like oceans and lakes. Players will walk in order to hatch the previous acquired eggs and this process might reveal new Pokémon along the way.

There are various special items like eggs and Poké balls which can be acquired in Poké Stops. They will be located at several interesting places like historical makers, monuments, museums and public art installations. Of course, you will witness battles. Players will be encouraged to join one of three teams so that they can compete over the ownership and the prestige of Gyms.

This can be accomplished by placing their captured Pokémon in a friendly gym or at the same time, battling with the Pokémon of an opponent in another team’s gym. Gyms are exactly like Poké Stops and they can be found in real world locations.

While the game is still in active development, an early user field test will begin in Japan soon. Meanwhile, features, available languages, design and overall appearance are yet to be confirmed as final.

However, what matters is that we are finally able to shed some light on this game. After a lot of speculation and rumors, the developers have finally released some details regarding the game. It has become one of the hottest topics on the net since its announcement last year.

In this game, players will be involved in the exploration of real world environment so as to discover and catch new Pokémon. The basic concept of the game remains simple and quite ingenious. In order to find a water-based Pokémon, you will need to visit water bodies like lakes, ponds, reservoirs and much more.

Similarly, in order to find a forest based Pokémon, you will have to go in the woods. The player will be further guided by their smartphone which will vibrate at different intensity in order to signal when a Pokémon is nearby, Keep in mind that the critters will also be able to find you. When on the way to work or on a lunch break, don’t be surprised if you end up tripping on a Pokémon.

The game system can further map your environment at any given time and reports indicate that Pokémon will be everywhere. Of course, the players will be the trainers where every player needs to start at the basic level and level up while the progress in the game and keep discovering more territories.

As the trainer level gets higher, the Pokémon will keep getting more powerful. Furthermore, the trainer level also has an impact on the amount of items that will become available. Meanwhile, Pokémon GO also has the ability to boost your local economy.

Players will need to venture further and longer if they plan to capture some rare Pokémon. This is absolutely the best way to get gamers out of your house. The game not only makes the players go outside but at the same time, it lets players explore particular areas of interest in their local area. The developer Niantic is creating locations where special items can be found and they are called Poke Stops.