March Update for Boom Beach Released, Brings A Number of New Aspects to The Game Including Statue Storage and Player Ranks!

Boom Beach is a free-to-play mobile game that has been developed by Finnish company Supercell. Supercell is renowned for developing two other immensely popular games which are- Clash of Clans and the recently released Clash Royale. Boom Beach was released for the platforms of Android and iOS back in March 2014.

For quite some time a March update for the game was being teased by the developers via the official Facebook page of the game. It was revealed that the update will add a brand new HQ level 22 to the game.

A number of sneak peaks were revealed which showed that a new building called the Statue Storage will also be added to the game via the update. This particular building will provide strategic advantage to players. It could be used as a vault by players to store statures inside it.

When a player is not using the statues in attacks, they can be stored in the Statue Storage. However, if a statue is already placed, it cannot be stored in the Statue Building. This particular building will unlock at HQ level 13.

The latest reports regarding this update indicate that it has already been rolled out by the developers. It brought in a number of new aspects to the game which includes the above mentioned Statue Storage and the HQ level 22.

A new feature that has been incorporated into the game through the update is the player ranking system. This feature will now provide military ranks to players based on their Victory Points. Each of the ranks has been divided into three sub-ranks and players will be able to acquire each of these ranks.

Along with the new HQ level 22, an Armory of the same level will also get incorporated into the game. This brand new Armory level will enable players to gain access to new upgrades for their Troops and Gunboats.

A Supply Chest can now be obtained by players by getting five Victory Points in battles. Just like the Daily Star Bonus system of Clash of Clans, a new Supply Chest can be earned every twenty-four hours. The Supply Chests will contain rewards and the quality of rewards will depend on the rank that a player is currently holding. Better the rank, better the reward.

Apart from these, the update also brings forth a number of improvements to the game. A list of all the improvements are given below-

  • The Gearheart which allowed for three attacks in the past will now allow for five.
  • After the death of Troops, a short delay has been added which will enable players to use the abilities of their Gunboats.
  • The experience requirements of Headquarters will be readjusted by the update.
  • Intel can now be gained by Hammerman Attacks.
  • The layouts for bases can now be named by players.
  • Base Notes for player bases in the Archipelago can now also be added by players.
  • Players will be able to pause replays and play them at half the original speed after the update.
  • Several improvements to the Chat section has also been added by the update.
  • Improvements to the Task force search has been incorporated.
  • After application of the update, the icons for resource collections will only be shown once the capacity of boat or building reaches 10 %.
  • Significance improvements to the graphics department of the game is also brought forward by the update.

Apart from these improvements, a number of fixes will also be introduced by the update and these include-

  • Fixes for errors in Base note in Operations.
  • Fixes for event dialogues.
  • Fixes for overlapping graphics for defenses.
  • An issue in which the Scorcher would explode and destroy a headquarter instead of ending the battle will also be fixed by the update.