March Update for Boom Beach Released, Brings A Number of New Aspects to The Game Including Statue Storage and Player Ranks!

Players will be able to update the game from the Google Play App Store or the Apple App Store. However, for those who want to download the Apk file of the latest update, it comes with a version number of 25.148. The file comes with a size of 78.15 MB.

Another update for the game was also recently released and the Apk file of this one came with a version number of 25.176. it should however, be noted that this update does not bring any new features to the game. It is most likely that the developers have introduced this update to fix some bugs and errors in the new content for the game that was brought about by the previous update.

Towards the beginning of the ongoing month, yet another update with the version number of 24.208 was rolled out by the developers. It came with a size of 76.66 MB. This particular update was a significant one since it brought forth 10 new Power Base layouts to the game.

That apart, the patch also updated the Sabotage which can now target both Damage Amplifiers and Shield Generators. A number of graphical improvements and bug fixes were also introduced by the patch.

Stay tuned for more update on Boom Beach.