Half-Life 3 Might Be Announced at E3 in June, Rumored to Be VR Compatible, A Half-Life Film Is in The Works!

Half-Life 3 from Valve remains one of the most anticipated games in recent times. However, mum is still the word for the developers when it comes to the matter of release of the game.

By now, numerous rumors surrounding the game have graced the internet. That being said, none of the rumors have yet been confirmed by any official sources.

The latest reports pertaining to Half-Life 3 indicate that the developers are actually developing the game since 2009. The reports also stated that the announcement for the game might be made at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo which is scheduled to be held in June.

It was reported that Valve might be trying to follow the steps of Bethesda. It was seen in the past that Bethesda abstained from revealing any details regarding Fallout 4.

This raised a lot of questions regarding the existence of the game. However, the developers silenced all skeptics when they suddenly came forward with an announcement for the game at the E3.

This created a lot of hype for the game and it was definitely a contributing factor to the immense success of the game. Apparently, Valve is trying to adopt the same method for Half-Life 3 and keeping mum about it.

Chances are there that out of the blue the company makes an announcement about the game at the upcoming E3 or the Gamescon event. If that is indeed the case, fans can expect the game to roll out by the end of the next year.

Virtual Reality is fast becoming a common thing in recent times. Companies like HTC and Oculus are set to introduce new VR headsets in the near future. Sony is also geared up to unveil its VR console- the PlayStation VR.

Keeping all these in mind, it could be assumed that if indeed the game is released, it will come with the support for VR. In this regard, the 2017 release date is quite logical as by then the VR technology will become well tried and tested. Rumors have it that HTC might be producing a number of VR ready games in the future and Half-Life 3 just might be one of them.

A VR only teaser for the game might also be released in the ongoing year. Various reports also suggest that the game might hit the market during the holiday season of 2016. That being said, it is a bleak prospect at the moment and it is unlikely that the game will be rolled out so soon.

A renowned website reports that even the game is released, it won’t before 2018. The main reason behind this could be accounted to the fact the Marc Laidlaw recently resigned from Valve.

Laidlaw is the creator of the Half-Life series and it is under his direction that the previous games in the series have been created. Needless to say, Laidlaw has been a strong pillar behind the Half-Life series and its success.

His departure from the company will definitely have an undesired effect on the development of the game and thus it is unlikely that it will see the light of the day before 2018.

On one instance the Half-Life 3 was listed by Steam as an upcoming game. This raised hopes among fans and speculations started that the game might be rolled out soon. However, the game was unceremoniously removed from the listing by Steam and no comments were made about the matter.

In other news, renowned director J.J. Abrams has just given confirmation the fact that movies based on Portal and Half-Life are currently in the works. The very first announcements in this regard were made by Abrams and Valve CEO Gabe Newell back in 2013.