Ariana Grande Accused Of Plagiarism, Hosts Saturday Night Live, Bieber Disses Grande!

Ariana Grande has come out and released the new single from her album.  She had expected that fans would be excited about Be Alright, but the singer has been charged with the allegation that her new single is very similar to the song Firefly by Nao and Mura Masa that was released last year. Ariana Grande and her producer were accused of plagiarism where fans took to Twitter to express their sentiment on the singer ripping off the track of another artist.

Inquisitr reported that it wasn’t just the fans who found the uncanny resemblance between the first half of Be Alright and Firefly. Mura Masa had also come out to tweet about this in a string of posts, but then the posts have been deleted. With Mura Musa blasting Ariana Grande on the social media, her producer went ahead to post that he had never worked with Ariana Grande on the particular song.

While there are fans who are shocked at the fact that Ariana Grande could rip off Firefly and copy it for Be Alright, there are some who have stood by the side of the pop star. They have come out to make it very evident that Ariana Grande hasn’t copied the song from Mura Musa. In fact Ariana Grande had worked on the song over the course of a year and had been recording it and working on it for a very long time before she actually released it.

Fans attacked Mura Musa for thinking that Ariana Grande could possibly rip their song off. With Mura Musa and Nao releasing the song last year, fans who support Ariana Grande have come out to reveal that Ariana Grande wouldn’t have been able to release the song now if she had started working for it after Firefly was released. This makes it clear that the timeline doesn’t allow the allegations of Ariana Grande copying Firefly to stand valid.

Be Alright is the latest song that Ariana Grande has released from her upcoming album Dangerous Woman. Grande is currently promoting her new album and this would be the third one she would release.

The singer was spotted in New York where she was a promoting her new album. The singer had on a huge white fur coat that she wore to keep herself safe from the cold. She had paired it with knee-length boots and had her hair tied back in her trademark ponytail and she was accompanied by a male companion.

Ariana Grande recently hosted the Saturday Night Live and she was kickass in it. This wasn’t the first time that she had been called to host a live show, but Ariana Grande had never quite put up such a performance before.

She was a brilliant host and fans couldn’t believe how perfect she was with her comic timing and on-spot impressions of different celebrities. She impersonated singers like Celine Dion, Britney Spears and Whitney Houston over the course of the night and was hilarious.

Celine Dion loved Ariana Grande’s impersonation of her and she even confessed to the latter that she laughed so hard that she peed her pants. According to Billboard, Ariana Grande spoke this anecdote out while she attended the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. It is being said that the show has never seen such an exceptional show ever since Justin Timberlake hosted it way back.