Ariana Grande Accused Of Plagiarism, Hosts Saturday Night Live, Bieber Disses Grande!

Ariana Grande has made quite an impact with the mic in her recent outing as the host. She was expected to fill the show with song and music, but she instead joked and impersonated and left the audience with their stitches hurting from all the laughter. Given the fact that she had a very successful run as the host of Saturday Night Live there are chances that she is going to be back to host more episodes in the future.

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande have performed together. In fact Grande broke up with Big Sean after her raunchy performance with Justin Bieber.

The Hollywood Life reported that Justin Bieber and Big Sean seem to have gotten alone very well ever since they performed together during Justin Bieber’s concert at the Staples Centre. Bieber took to Instagram to write a nice message for Big Sean and even ended up calling him his big brother.

This post might not actually mean anything, but those who know the history of dissing that have been seen between Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande would understand that the post was a way to diss Ariana Grande.

Bieber had commented on Ariana Grande’s photo months ago saying that she looks good, but Ariana had called him a Satan and had hinted at him to back off. The two haven’t been talking to each other since then and it is believed that Bieber has worked with Big Sean and has posted the photo just to diss Ariana Grande.

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