Outlander Season 3 and 4 Already Confirmed, Caitriona Balfe Talks about Jamie and Claire’s Separation Issues!

Meanwhile, people are wondering what new troubles the Frasers will face in Season 3. We all know that absence results in making the heart grow fonder. This axiom will be put to the test by Jamie and Claire as soon as Season 3 starts. All couples have to deal with the ups and downs of marriage.

The ways of rediscovering romance, deciding to raise kids and sometimes dealing with the murderous ancestor of your wife’s husband! Caitriona Balfe told Los Angeles Times that they are soul mates and are meant to be together.

She revealed that people are going to see them grow apart and come back together again. People will witness how this starts to affect them individually. She is looking forward to this, in the upcoming season.

Claire will again find herself divided between two timelines when Outlander deals with the events of Voyager. The actress talked to Entertainment Weekly Radio and said that a part of it will be with Frank and that storyline will be very complex to play. However, it is quite exciting for her to get back to the reunion with Jamie.

Meanwhile, it is expected that Captain Jack Randall will return to Jamie and Claire’s adventures. He was out of site for quite some time and it won’t be too unexpected to see him again.

Stay tuned for more updates on Outlander Season 3!