Nintendo NX Will Release In 2017, How Will It Fare Against The Playstation 4 Neo And Xbox Scorpio? Let’s See

Now that E3 is here, nothing is a rumor anymore. It was confirmed by Sony last week that there is a new and upgraded PlayStation 4 in existence but the company decided against unveiling it at the show. Microsoft seemed to be more open about it and actually showcased the concept of Project Scorpio last day.

This is a new and advanced console which is set to release by 2017 holiday season. Meanwhile, rumors about upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft are no longer rumors and this means bad news for Nintendo. It has been confirmed that Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Neo does exist. Nintendo is the third player in this field and we are not sure as to what it’s actually planning to do.

Today, it’s basically Nintendo’s day at E3. Their Treehouse Livestream kicks off today and it will show footage taken from the upcoming Pokemon game along with Legend of Zelda as well. Sadly, Nintendo’s new console, the Nintendo NX will not be showcased at this event.

This device was announced quite some time ago and it was rumored that the company would discuss it in 2016. We have already come halfway but there are no comprehensive details about this console.

All we know so far is that it will be released next spring and fans are wondering how it will fare against the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo definitely didn’t imagine that things would go this way for their new console generation.

The company thought they would get the best of both worlds by replacing the now struggling Wii U and releasing a new console that would look fresh and new, beside the aging PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

The company probably thought that time was favoring them since Xbox 360 was released back in 2005 and Xbox One was released in 2013.

However, Nintendo will soon face a totally new console generation from Microsoft and Sony and it’s just been 3-4 years since their present generation consoles were released. The game hardware companies are adopting a smartphone-type life-cycle where upgrades are released more frequently.

It is possible that instead of Nintendo NX releasing in 2017, we might witness the launch of PS4 and Microsoft Xbox Scorpio.

Nintendo is about to face a major problem next year. If they decide to launch the Nintendo NX during spring next year, most gamers will wait for Scorpio and Neo to launch during fall. On the other hand, if Nintendo decides to launch it later, it will be very difficult for the NX to compete with Scorpio and NEO during the Holiday Season.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has been rather quiet about their upcoming NX console. Rumors indicate that Nintendo could make a comeback in the videogame industry, with the Nintendo NX. Tech Radar reported that according to Nintendo, the upcoming console will be different from any other console in the market.

It seems like Nintendo is trying to release a unique console which is quite different from the ones being developed by Microsoft and Sony.

Sadly, the Wii and the Wii U managed to do just that but were quite underpowered at the same time. Nintendo and its fans have gathered in E3 and they will probably expect Nintendo to say something about this upcoming console.

However, Nintendo declared that they will be focusing more on the 3DS and Wii U instead of their upcoming NX console. IGN reports that some important titles have already been revealed for the NX.