Outlander Season 3 and 4 Already Confirmed, Caitriona Balfe Talks about Jamie and Claire’s Separation Issues!

It was revealed last week that Outlander has been renewed for third and fourth seasons but the second season isn’t even complete yet! As a result, fans wish to know how Claire’s story will continue to untangle and when will fans finally be able to watch it.

Sadly, there is no answer to this issue. Starz has not yet announced when Season 3 will begin but they are in the middle of a season that is still airing at the moment. Luckily, Ronald D. Moore, the show’s executive producer decided to talk about it just days after this news released.

He decided to give a little more insight regarding what the showrunners have in store for us. It seems like they tried to pull off a Claire and mess around a bit.

Right now, we know that Season 3 will be based on the 3rd of the eight books in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. The third book will be based on Voyager while the fourth book will be based on Drums of Autumn.

It was revealed that Moore and his team found that the show was renewed when the whole world did. He says that they have been very excited about it and they were talking about it for quite some time. To them, it is a big promise of confidence.

Chris Albrecht, Starz CEO said that they released an official announcement regarding their show being renewed for two more seasons, third and fourth. Matt Roberts, the executive producer declared their timetable for the upcoming third season.

Nell Hudson, who plays the role of Laoghaire MacKenzie, was interviewed regarding the possible plotlines and this gave rise to a lot of new speculations. It was the 25th anniversary of the first book named Outlander, being published in the US Starz big boss, proudly made this announcement.

The first novel, written by Diana Gabaldon, was published back in 1991. Albrecht’s statement was posted by The Hollywood Reporter and it read that Outlander is nothing like anything seen before in a television. It features a truly powerful female character and deals with the devastation of the Highlander Way of Life.

It is a timeless and genuine love story and runs on a show which manages to transport the viewer while inspiring admiration and passion among its fans. Roberts further confirmed that the popular series will return faster than normal season gap, as confirmed by another report.

Roberts also told Breathecast that they have not stopped working and they recently progressed to Season 3 from Season 2. EP further confirmed that the showrunners are presently preparing for the next season. Robert further teased that Outlander is a great show to be produced.

So, like any normal show, if they took a normal break, the show would already be behind. Therefore, it seems like fans can have it a lot faster than they anticipated. Therefore, the Droughtlander will come faster than they expected.

In the meantime, fans have already started predicting a plot for the upcoming season. According to the reports, Laoghaire’s surprising return will shake the romance between Claire and Jamie.

Some hints were dropped by Hudson when TVLine asked if her character had planned any further moves while reconciling with Claire and Jamie. Hudson also mentioned that Laoghaire’s love for Jamie never went away.

The actress further explained that fans who know about the novel will come to know when Claire is absent. Laoghaire and Jamie will always grab the opportunity to stay together.