You Better Support both Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5 If You Want another Crossover, Tekken 7 to Run on the Unreal Engine 4!

In whistleblower, Edward Snowden’s illustrated biography by Ted Rall, it was mentioned that his favorite video game is Tekken. The nightmare of NSA is a fan of the morality in the popular 3D fighting game franchise.

However, it sounds odd, considering the fact that it is one of the most insane and amoral games ever. You will find that a lot of fathers throw their sons into volcanoes, in this game. A lot of gamers probably don’t remember Street Fighter x Tekken. It was a long-promised crossover which put Tekken fighters in the 2D engine of Street Fighter, back in 2012.

In Tekken x Street Fighter, Street Fighter characters would have been placed in the 3D engine of Tekken but that never really happened. However, it seems like some of that work made its way into the upcoming Tekken 7.

The big new guest character in this game is none other than Akuma, from Street Fighter. During a few rounds with Akuma, it was seen how the Ryu-Style move-set turned into a different way of fighting. Thankfully, it is easy for you to pull off fireballs, hurricane kicks and dragon punches easily. An EX move or a raging dragon can be easily busted out as well.

The EX meter remains exclusive to Akuma but all combatants like Gigas, the giant new cyborg and Josie Rizal, the Filipino fighter can access new mechanics. With the help of Rage Drive and Rage Arts, you can make a comeback even when you are on the ropes. In the most part, Tekken 7 does play like Tekken.

The developers are advancing the game in many other ways which are beyond simple gameplay additions and new characters. The story mode in this fighting game was revolutionized by Mortal Kombat 9. It featured a lengthy campaign with a lot of cinematic and blended fights.

These were copied by Street Fighter and now Tekken 7 is copying them as well. In a demo, it is seen that Heihachi Mishima, everyone’s popular buff old villain, is confronted by Akuma, regarding the former’s mysterious wife, Akumi. The smooth cutscene with them fighting, gradually turns into quick-time events and then into an actual match.

You can see the purple demonic fire emerging out of Akuma while Heihachi’s arms are electrified. In the Unreal Engine 4, his intense face and hair, all manage to look really marvelous. The game has already hit Japanese arcades around a year back but the home version will arrive on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Steam and PlayStation 4 in 2017.

At one point, we saw Tekken 7 and Street Fighter duking it out but they were implemented in different manners. In Street Fighter x Tekken, the action took place on a 2D plane while in Tekken x Street Fighter; the action took place on a 3D plane.

The former was released in 2012 but the latter has been absent so far and fans are wondering about the status of this highly anticipated crossover. There was an update released in April when fans came to know that the game is no longer in production while Capcom and Bandai Namco focused their efforts on Street Fighter V and Tekken 7.

It reiterated whatever that was revealed about the game’s status in 2015 June. The game is still not in active production and there is a long way to go.