No Man’s Sky Release Date Delayed to June 30th, Developers Want It to Be Perfect When Released, And More

The programmer talked in deeper detail about the various aspects of this game and what it’s all about. He decided to provide fans with a more realistic view regarding what they can expect from the game. He revealed that they are going through a lot of pressure in order to give the audience what they want.

He admitted that the team, along with him, is staying away from social media, in order to concentrate more on their work. Till now, the Xbox platform seems to be the ‘Forever Alone’ in this case, since No Man’s Sky will be releasing on PS4 and PC only.

No Man’s Sky is a game that requires a tremendous amount of effort from the small team at Hello Games. This is because the developers need to ensure that the complete universe functions smoothly and that it doesn’t throw some fearsome sights at the gamers, when they have the chance to finally explore it properly.

Furthermore, this is probably the best title to be sold with VR gear, specifically the PlayStation VR. If this happens, it will persuade a lot of gamers to acquire this game right after its launch.

Stay tuned for more updates on No Man’s Sky!