No Man’s Sky Release Date Delayed to June 30th, Developers Want It to Be Perfect When Released, And More

Present reports suggest that the release date for No Man’s Sky has been pushed back to 2016 by Tech Issues. ‘Unchartered 4’ was also pushed back and this is the second delay by Sony. According to the reports, this prevented No Man’s Sky from going head to head with Fallout 4.

Movie Pilot further mentioned that the delay in this release is quite understandable since Hello Games is a small team and on top of that, the game requires a lot of man-hours of work. The report declared that they need to make sure that the entire universe functions perfectly and gamers don’t come across something terrifying when they have the chance to properly explore it.

The team requires a lot more time to make sure that No Man’s Sky is a functioning product when it is finally released. This is the most logical reason for the delay of its release. Amazon has already announced pre-orders for the game and therefore, it seems like the developers will not change the June 2016 release date for No Man’s Sky.

Pre-orders for this PS4 exclusive was launched by Amazon with a release date of 30th June. The more interesting fact is that this game sold as a digital code, is priced at $59.99, according to Hardcore Gamer. A lot of people expected this game to have a price tag of $15-30, based on its indie origins.

At the Paris Games, Sean Murray announced the release date of No Man’s Sky and at the same time, the only confirmation we have so far regarding the June 2016 release date is a tweet from Sean Murray which reads, “NO MAN’S SKY! JUNE 2016! LET’S DO IT TEAM!” He further declared that since E3, the release date has become exceedingly clear for them.

A lot of their ambitions along with some key developments, including the game, have safely fallen into place. He further said that development is going really well and the work is pretty hard and incredible. He mentioned that they only get one shot to prepare No Man’s Sky and there is no way that they can mess it up. He admitted that they come from the bottom and they don’t take this venture lightly, especially because the entire world is watching.

Back in October, No Man’s Sky was announced during the Paris Games Week and since then, fans have been highly excited to know more about this game. What we know so far is that this game will feature 18 quintillion planets. You can explore them and on top of that, each digitally-rendered planet is planet-sized.

The Atlas is something that we have come to know of. It is an encyclopedic database to be filled up and shared by all the other players of the game. It has already been revealed that some of the planets that will be explored have certain exotic flora and fauna in them.

They have never been seen or discovered before and players will be travelling through various explorations using a starship. The hype involving No Man’s Sky is steadily rising due to so many details being revealed ahead of its official launch.

Sean Murray, the programmer for Hello Games appreciates the attention that was given to this title. Recently, he also urged fans to approach the final product with quite realistic views.

According to Design & Trend, Murray admitted that it is due to this hype that the title’s initial reveal has overspread to such an extent. On a sad note however, he defined hype to be excitement that will ultimately lead to hurt. A video was released, featuring Murray and coming with the title, “Managing the Hype”.