Cloud Strife of FFVII Coming To Super Smash Bros, New Wii U Bundle for Super Smash Bros and Splatoon Revealed For $279!

Recently, Nintendo announced that Final Fantasy 7 hero, Cloud Strife will be released as the upcoming Super Smash Bros DLC character. The recent Nintendo Direct Presentation offered this as its final conclusion.

This particular character will be available in both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of the game. At the same time, Chocobo costumes for the Mii Fighters will also be included.

However, the character was not given a specific release date but Nintendo talked about special Super Smash Bros related news broadcast.

It will be coming in December, carrying with it a lot of details, for fans. Masahiro Sakurai, the series producer, opened up a poll earlier this year. It allowed fans to vote for the characters they would like to see included in the upcoming DLC for Super Smash Bros.

Since Ryu of Street Fighter being introduced in Super Smash Bros, Cloud is the first brand new character to be revealed. You can check out the trailer in order to get your first look at Cloud in Super Smash Bros.

The new hero comes with a lot of powers to keep Super Smash Bros players engaged and excited. Let’s just hope that the players, who voted for their favorite characters, are happy with the final outcome.

Cloud Strife, the protagonist for Final Fantasy VII, joining the Super Smash Bros. roster for Wii U and 3DS, as a playable character, is a pretty new and exciting development.

You should check out the full trailer for Super Smash Bros and feast your eyes upon the new hero. There were further details revealed during the trailer in Nintendo Direct.

Cloud comes with an Odin Summon, limit breaks along with an alternative costume which is based on his Advent Children look. There was also a stage scene in the trailer, based on Final Fantasy VII city, Midgar and it is also headed to Smash Bros.

Keep your fingers crossed as a specific release date for Midgar or Cloud Strife is yet to be revealed. At the same time, there is no word on the inevitable Cloud Amiibo figure. In the end of the trailer, you will notice new Chocobo costumes for Mii Fighter.

Final Fantasy VII never came to any Nintendo systems and as a result, the appearance of Cloud Strife is a bit of a surprise. At the same time, Cloud was present in the in the music spin-off Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and its sequel on Nintendo 3DS, Curtain Call. He also appeared in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on the Game Boy Advance.

In other news, the Holiday Season is coming soon and this clearly means that major game companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be fighting to grab the attention of shoppers. Numerous console bundles have already been revealed by Sony and Microsoft in order to attract gift-givers and parents.

However, the holiday offerings by Nintendo might end up being the best. You will be able to purchase a 32 GB Wii U console with Splatoon and Super Smash Bros for Wii U pre-installed in them, for a price of $279.

These are two of the most popular titles on the Wii U and furthermore, it is a pretty awesome bargain, since the 32GB Wii U is presently available for a price of $299.

Besides the Wii U, Nintendo will also be discounting its New Nintendo 3DS XL systems. They will be available at a price of $179.99 at various retailers.

This is reduced by $20 from the normal price tag of $199 of the handheld. The original Nintendo 3DS will be sold by Walmart and Amazon while being bundled with a digital code, designed for Super Mario 3D Land, available for a price of $129.99.