Rewards for 11th Anniversary for World of Warcraft, New Patch 6.2.3 Making Its Way to the Game!

The 10th anniversary is a pretty major milestone and any event that celebrates a decade is something difficult to follow up. The 10th anniversary is kind of like a benchmark and compared to that, an 11th anniversary doesn’t seem that important.

The 11th anniversary of World of Warcraft is quite similar to what happened last year and strictly speaking, it offers a major nostalgia trip for gamers and WoW fans all over the world. It appears to be more traditional in nature rather than an event which opens up old battlegrounds and classic areas of the game.

However, in the end, any person who is still playing this game should be a part of the 11th anniversary of World of Warcraft. When you look at it, most MMO anniversary gifts are pretty trivial and in that aspect, World of Warcraft will not disappoint you at all, with its 11th anniversary gifts.

The latest batch of gifts by Blizzard includes limited charge-cosmetic items and players will find special wands with Gnoll and Murloc disguises, after they have logged in. The legendary Thunderfury blade will be present along with the cosmetic variant of Edwin Vancleef’s armor.

An 11% experience boost will be provided by the pièce de résistance will not change a lot of stuff in the game for most players. However, at the same time, it adds a major buff for players who are gradually making their way to Level 100.

It is like the 11th anniversary of World of Warcraft will not change the game for you but the fact that it is still going strong after such a long time is definitely reason enough for you to celebrate.

If you are a World of Warcraft gamer who wishes to celebrate, you simply need to log into your World of Warcraft account, sometime between 16th to 30th November. Meanwhile, World of Warcraft Legion, the upcoming expansion for this title, will release sometime in September 2016.

World of Warcraft will turn 11 on 23rd November and players need to log in during the late September period in order to come across some unique achievements that are only available during this anniversary period. Furthermore, you can join in, in some of the festivities.

The pets are quite absent this time around, even though they sometimes act as an incentive for joining in during an anniversary. World of Warcraft players will be eligible for five celebration items if they log in before 30th November, report a post on

As already mentioned, players will first receive an experience boost which increases the reputation and experience earned by 11 percent, for around an hour. In the revelry, you will notice two wands which come with five charges each. With one wand, you can turn players into Murloc and with the other; you can turn them into Gnoll.

Compared to the previously mentioned, the final two presents are quite more lasting in nature. The Inflatable Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, will accompany the players who turn into Edwin VanCleef by using the new costume.

Both of them come with limited number of uses, which include five for the former and fifty for the latter. However, the costume still incorporates a few changes and the Blessed Blade will provide the player with account-wide Feat of Strength achievement entitled “Did someone say…?”

Looking at 50 charges, it seems quite enough for a costume since each of them will usually last an hour. Presently, there is no way to get hold of an Edwin VanCleef costume after the celebration is over. However, every Hallow’s Eve, you can repurchase these other two costumes for around 200 Tricky Treats each.