Avril Lavigne: Making Progress Fighting Lyme Disease, Ruling The Charts in Japan!

Avril Lavigne has been rumored dead. The Canadian singer supposedly died in a skiing holiday. The rumor is that Avril Lavigne died in 2002 and for a decade, her doppelganger had been coming out in the public as the popular singer.

The news of Avril Lavigne dead first came out in a blog called Avril Esté Morta. The blog narrated how Avril Lavigne had gone with her friends and family at a ski resort in British Columbia.

The singer was snowboarding when she hits a tree in full speed. The singer loses consciously and was believed to be dead on the spot. She was airlifted to the closest hospital but was declared dead.

The story in the blog was a hoax and it was written solely to prove how rumors spread. The blog included supposed reports from eye witnesses as well and the news once circulated over the internet widely was almost believed to be the truth.

The rumor about Avril Lavigne’s death had gone out of circulation, but when Ryan Broderick from Buzzfeed again tweeted about the blog, it got a new life.

Avril Lavigne has been away from the media’s radar because she has been struggling with Lyme disease and was at home fighting the disease with meds and complete rest. This might be the reason that people started believing all over the media that the singer might be dead.

However, the fans of Avril Lavigne will be aware of the singer coming out in the open about her disease back in April. She had informed that she was diagnosed with the disease and would want her fans to stand by her as she tackled it.

According to USA Today, Avril Lavigne came out with updates about her disease. Lavigne shared two photos on her Instagram profile and said that she has been doing a good job recovering from her disease.

She said that it felt good when her doctor had smiled at her and given her the good news that she has been making amazing progress with the disease.

It hasn’t been an easy journey for Avril Lavigne. She almost teared up when she spoke about her fight with the disease. She said that the lack of knowledge about the disease makes it harder.

She spoke about how she would visit the top doctors and all they would ask her was to get a hang of her depression and try and get up and create some music. The singer did do her best to fight the disease and by the looks of her current Instagram post, she is almost on her road to complete recovery.

Living through the tough side of Lyme disease, Avril Lavigne is now on a five-week mission to raise money for the patients of Lyme disease. Her Avril Lavigne Foundation works with children and young adults suffering from the disease and raise funds and awareness.

She is also involved with Prizeo, which is going to become the first digital fundraising platform and will be incorporated by her Foundation.

While fighting with Lyme disease and being under complete bed rest, Avril Lavigne had been busy making music and sorting out things for her upcoming Christmas album.

The singer also performed for the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics this year. Avril Lavigne was also seen grooving with Taylor Swift on the San Diego leg of her 1989 concert.

It’s been a busy year for Avril Lavigne so far and she is learning to make the most of all the opportunities coming her way. Although Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger decided to split from each other in September, the two have agreed to be friends.