Nicki Minaj’s New Mobile Game to Hit Markets, New Album on the Radar, Boyfriend Splurges on Strippers

Referring to the infamous 2013 season of American Idol in which she shared the judges’ seat with Minaj, Carey said that the experience was abusive. Whether she referred to FOX or to her co-judge as abusive is open for debate. Minaj is yet to react.

On the personal front things seem to be going downhill as well, with the prosecution stating that her brother Jelani Maraj’s DNA has matched that in the semen found in the 12 years-old victim’s clothes.

The survivor, a girl, was allegedly raped multiple times by Maraj, 37, between April and November 2015. Maraj had also apparently tried to throw her under a bus. Maraj has been charged on multiple counts, and will probably spend 15 years behind bars.

The case is set for a final trial in November and Minaj has never spoken about him publicly, though in the song ‘All Things Go’ she says that the siblings will always love each other.

What do you think of the new game? What was your reaction to ‘Do You Mind’? What do you feel about her brother’s acts? Is it likely to affect the rap queen’s career? Post your comments below and stay tuned for more news on your favorite rap artist!