Spider-Man: Homecoming Cast Expanding, Scarlett Johansson May Feature in New Film, Has Got Spidey Experimenting

Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to hit the theaters on the 7th of July (instead of July 28th as decided earlier), and the shooting, having begun on 20th June, is full-on at the Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayette County, Georgia, under the working title Summer of George! (yes, you read that right).

Tom Holland, the 20 year-old British actor, just dropped a spoiler in the San Diego Comic-Con that this new film is going to feature mechanical web shooters, and that different types of webs will involve different wrist movements.

He went on to say that the focus is going to shift from the famous two-fingers mechanism, with attention now more on grabbing the web. Footage revealed at Comic-Con shows Peter Parker secretly making web fluid in his chemistry class.

The image of a 15-year-old Peter Parker directly reminds us of producer and Marvel visionary Kevin Feige speaking to Collider about the possibility of the consecutive films set in consecutive school years, beginning with the sophomore year in 2017, a la Harry Potter.

This may be problematic though, unless there were leaps in the school years, as the next Spider-Man film is planned for release in 2019 (going by the 2014 Sony hacks), and with Feige’s logic of every story set in the year in which the respective film is released, things simply do not match otherwise.

But the first footage from director Jon Watts’ upcoming film has much more to offer us to get us excited. In addition to showing Bruce Banner, Flash Thompson, the Vulture, and Captain America, it also shows Parker enjoying a YouTube video of himself fighting Giant Man.

When asked to explain this, he said that all he could tell at present was that it was like a memory of a holiday which one likes to rewind (suggesting continuity with Captain America: Civil War). In all probability, this would be a new addition to the original story of this superhero.

Apparently, Captain America is not the only Avenger who is set to feature in this movie. @AtlantaFilming is an account on Twitter whose patrons spy the area for whatever news they can get on filming. On 27th July there was a tweet from it asking a Scarlett what she was doing there.

This sent fans immediately into guessing mode, with most coming to the conclusion that it was Scarlett Johansson (considering the effort made at getting the spelling in the tweet correct) visiting the shooting area.

Johansson’s presence in the studios does not necessarily mean that she would be a part of the cast for the Spider-Man film though. It could also be that she was catching up with old cast mates, or was there to talk about The Avengers: Infinity War.

Some fans speculate that the tweet could also refer to Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen, but that theory has been received with a pinch of salt. The common concern now among the fans is too many heroes spoiling the thrill.

Some reason for this concern is that Spider-Man: Homecoming has heroes who can make the scene appear crowded if not managed deftly by the director. The superheroes mentioned above who are set to feature in the movie do not form the complete list of stars.

Twitter username Griffin Newman 2016, while tweeting the toy panel at the Comic-Con, confirmed the presence of Shocker in the film. With Vulture (Michael Keaton) and Tinkerer (Logan Marshall-Green) already there, the addition of Shocker has led to ideas that this film is likely to set up the ‘Sinister Six’.’

The formation of the ‘Sinister Six’ band was already teased in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ film credits, and Sony had previously planned a ‘Sinister Six’ film as part of the Spider-Man franchise.