Pokémon Go Launches in Fifteen More Asian Countries, Recently Launched in the Philippines, New Pokémon Go Master Emerges

America has her first Pokémon Go Master, in the form of Nick Johnson, who is a resident of Brooklyn. He became the world’s first official Pokémon Go Master in less than a week after he left on his global journey, with a mission to catch all the Pokémon there are available.

The original video game on which Pokémon Go is based states that there is a total of one hundred and fifty-one monsters available.

Of the total, a hundred and forty-two are available for catching in the United States. The six rare Pokémon’s are at present unaccounted for, while the three even rarer ones are more exclusive to certain international regions.

After becoming the first American to capture all the one hundred forty-two Pokémon available in America, in late July Nick left on his global Pokémon journey in an attempt to catch all that were out there.

Having all his accommodation taken care of by Marriott Rewards and all the travelling expenses paid for by Expedia, Nick Johnson set off last week to find and capture those three international Pokémon and complete the set.

He first stopped at Paris in France to try his luck with the capture of Europe’s exclusive Pokémon, Mr. Mime. Although he did manage to capture Mr. Mime it wasn’t without hardships, he reported. This is because on the day he had left, the developer of the game Niantic had completely changed the places where previously the Pokémon appeared.

That rendered all the information that Nick had collected from Facebook and Reddit of no use to him. With a tight schedule, however, eventually he and the reclusive Mr. Mime did come face to face. He found Mr. Mime in a small park in the south of the city.

From there he moved on to Hong Kong in pursuit of Asia’s exquisite Pokémon Farfetch’d. Then his final Pokémon was a Kangaskhan. Kangaskhan is a Pokémon exclusive to the regions of New Zealand and Australia.

He says he is very grateful for the locals in Sydney who were tipping him off on the location of the last Pokémon he captured. It was thanks to the people of Australia, he said, that he could catch the Kangaskhan. He found it in Sydney’s Hyde Park neighborhood, in front of a Tommy Bahama.

However, it should also be noted that Nick’s legitimacy for the title of being the world’s first Pokémon Go master is being questioned by the British news agency, The Sun.

It claims that a Londoner by the name of Ahmed Ali is the world’s first person to complete the task of catching all the Pokémon. It has come to light that Ahmed Ali had allegedly caught all the Pokémon within two weeks after the game was released.

Ali only had to travel to the United States to capture Tauros. For the other region specific Pokémon, he was lucky enough to get them via eggs. Apparently, Ali is waiting for confirmation from Niantic, to find out if he was indeed the first to complete the game’s Pokedex.

More exciting news for Pokémon Go fans especially in the Philippines is that this hugely popular game was made available to them a month after it was launched elsewhere, on the 6th of August. Fans can download the app on their Android as well as IOS devices.