No Man’s Sky Developers Finishing Work On First Major Update, Former NASA Employee’s Thoughts, Potential To Reach The Stars

No Man’s Sky will be launching next week, and thousands of people are already very excited about it. However the developer Hello Games isn’t taking any breaks during the game’s run up to its release. From the looks of it, they are already working on a major update.

Sean Murray said on Twitter that the team is currently completing the first major patch for this game, and it will be released to deal with stability issues and bugs. It is not a minor one either. Murray wrote that it was 5am at Hello Games, and they were wrapping up a month’s work in their first update.

It will include lots of balancing, new features, and content. It sounds encouraging since the developer will add a lot of free content in the game shortly. We don’t know how it will work at the moment, and Murray hasn’t revealed when we can expect this update to launch.

From the looks of it it is already done. The game will launch on 9th August for both PC and PS4. However, recently, someone managed to grab hold of a leaked copy. According to this person, he completed the game in 35 hours.

We have been waiting for three years, and after a last-minute delay, people anticipating No Man’s Sky will finally witness its release a few days later. You can easily position it with some of the most wanted games of all time.

You can simply go through the message boards and useful subreddits to figure out all the details. However not only hardcore gamers are waiting to launch themselves into space with this amazing upcoming title. There seems to be a lot of fans from the scientific community waiting to play this game.

People are waiting for that sense of discovery and adventure that has never been delivered properly before in this genre. The folks at spoke to Justin Julian, an aviation specialist and NASA consultant. According to him, No Man’s Sky has the potential to do a lot more than just provide entertainment.

If it proves to be as popular, exciting and entertaining as the developers are hoping for, the game could be a great next step to bring progress in the process of gradually reaching  the stars – literally. According to him the medium doesn’t matter, and only a single person needs to see it and get excited enough to have that spark ignited.

After that, the next breakthrough can easily be obtained. The game could have the ability to push someone where it’s needed, the final advance of our species. In South Carolina’s Anderson County Airport, Julian serves as an airport manager.

He reports that NASA taught him that the future is always in the hands of the individuals we teach. For quite some time NASA has been suffering from certain fund cuts, and a shift in public’s opinion from seeing space travel as something worthwhile or amazing could be just what’s needed for further progress in this area.

However it hasn’t killed the dreams of people who believe that someday Man can live somewhere outside Earth. According to Julian, No Man’s Sky could be fun, and school-level sciences need to spread interest and educate both children and adults in such a way that it gradually becomes conducive to NASA’s goals.

Julian is a gamer himself and reports that investment values are pretty high. From the looks of it, this title will reward you depending on what you put into it. Specialists teach people how to solve problems and manage resources, which further means the best of both worlds.