Final Fantasy XV Comes with A Season Pass, The Game Might Be Available Soon for PC, Featuring Seven Summons Including Shiva

As the PlayStation Store update comes about in North America on the 2nd of August 2016, it brings to light certain things about the PlayStation game, Final Fantasy XV. Priced at $84.99, the Digital Premium Edition of Final Fantasy XV has gone up for pre-order for PlayStation 4.

Included in this Digital Premium Edition is a Season Pass. By the price asked for the Digital Premium Edition, the Season Pass should be rated on its own, somewhere around $2.99. Although it should be noted that Square Enix is still to make any formal announcements for the Season Pass for Final Fantasy XV.

The version of the game available on PlayStore of the Digital Premium Edition simply reads that the Final Fantasy XV Digital Premium Edition contains the original Final Fantasy XV alongside a Season Pass. However, for those that have already digitally pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV there will be a Season Pass upgrade offer.

The purpose of this Season Pass is to allow the users to download additional contents. This Upgrade is a kind of special deal for gamers who have pre-ordered the digital edition of Final Fantasy XV, or at least that’s what the description says on the PlayStore.

The director of the game, Hajime Tabata, had said back in June that the Downloadable Contents, which will be made available after the launch of the game, shall contain additional costumes as well as additional story content. Further details about the DLCs shall surface as Square Enix give us more details about the Season Pass.

The game Final Fantasy XV is set for a release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September the 30th.  The digital version for PS 4 shall be unlocked at midnight on the 30th of September. It was recently confirmed that the Season Pass was also added to the Japanese PlayStation Store.

They include these six pieces of downloadable contents, one of which will also include a new mode. These DLCs are Booster Pack (DLC #1); Episode Gladiolus; Holiday Pack; Episode Ignis; Episode Prompto; Expansion Pack. In Japan the Season Pass has been priced at 2700 yen, according to gematsu.

Square Enix is still to showcase quite a bit of detail about the game, but thanks to a tech showcase video, a few of the details about the show’s new features have emerged. Plenty of debug menus were shown in the recent show by Real-Time Technologies, of Final Fantasy XV. These menus were shown at various times, which revealed some information on summons.

It is being reported that the new Final Fantasy XV shall feature 7 new features at the very least. One of which being Shiva, along with Ramuh, Titan Leviathan and Carbuncle, who were already previously confirmed, the latter to make an appearance in the current Platinum Demo.

Apart from that, there are also speculations that the game might soon be made available for PCs. However there has been no official confirmation of any kind from Square Enix. Still, if we take Square Enix’s Siggraph presentation for this year under consideration, a Final Fantasy XV PC version might be on the to-do list.

Square Enix showed some rendering techniques, visual effects and real-time technologies at the annual event on computer graphics, called Siggraph. The conference was held between the 26th and the 29th of July this year. This conference is the world’s most popular meeting for the publication of computer graphics research.