Final Fantasy XV Comes with A Season Pass, The Game Might Be Available Soon for PC, Featuring Seven Summons Including Shiva

The demo that was used to display all those features was rumoured to be running on a PC furnished with a GeForce GTX 980Ti, an Intel Core i7 5820K processor and an 8GB DDR4 RAM. Previously the game director, Hajime Tabata had stated that he was open to the idea of a PC version of the game. All that is still a long way from where we are standing right now, for first the game has to be released for consoles.

Enthusiasts are speculating the arrival of the PC version from the sudden influx of PC ports for all the former Final Fantasy games. Not only will the PC version allow the developers of game to showcase the game to its full potential, but it will also allow the game to be freed from the hardware of the consoles. Also taking into account there isn’t any shortage of demand for the PC enabled form of the franchise, it does seem highly probable.

During the demo, Square Enix showed the characters taking part in battles to highlight the AI systems of both the monsters, as well the friendly companions the players shall have to deal with.

Final Fantasy XV was also made available for PlayStation VR, making it the first AAA VR title to be announced for PS 4. Stay tuned for more updates.