Nicki Minaj: Gets Into PDA with Meek, Shames Man for Selling Fake Merchandise, Set To Have A Game App!

Nicki Minaj is known for not mincing words and a hawker realised it the hard way. Nicki is currently on tour for her Pinkprint concert. She stopped after she saw a man selling fake tour merchandise and confronted him.

She asked the man where he had got the merchandise from while smiling nicely and then gave him a piece of her mind for selling fake merchandise from her concert. The man took out his camera to shoot the whole incident when she saw Nicki Minaj stepping out of her SUV to confront him.

The whole incident happened while car after car of women kept on shouting how much they love Nicki Minaj and were visibly in tears after seeing her right in front of their eyes.

Nicki Minaj is following Kim Kardashian and getting her own mobile gaming app. The app that is being developed by Glu Mobile, is the same company that helped create Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

The game will contain Nicki’s name, voice and all her likeness. Nicki is going to lend her creative direction for the app so that fans get a true Nicki Minaj experience through it. Glu CEO and Chairman Niccolo de Masi has said that they are thrilled to be working with the pop sensation.

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