Reports, Rumors and Speculations on the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5 and the Apple iPhone 7!

The South Korean Electronics Giant Samsung is already working on its next big revelation, the Samsung Galaxy S7, following the launch of its predecessor, the Galaxy S6, just a few months back.

According to Tech Radar, the device is currently in its planning stage. Latin Post reported that the Galaxy S6 is an amazing phone, but it certainly has room for further developments and improvements.

It is further possible that the Galaxy S7 might be getting the best display in the present smartphone industry, hopefully with a 4K or 8K display resolution. At the same time, Samsung recently entered the virtual reality sector and wishes to make use of the experience gained.

It points towards an advanced display in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. It should come with an ultra-sharp display if the Galaxy S7 makes use of the Gear VR.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S7 could offer an amazing audio experience with bass-heavy speakers located on both top and bottom of this device. Samsung will also be exploring ways to improve the battery life of the upcoming device.

It will come with a much larger battery, according to reports and this could mean that the device will probably have to sacrifice some of the internal components. The latest rumor in the South Korean website Newsis (in Korean) reveals that this device is actually three months ahead of its normal schedule.

At the same time, Samsung wishes to proceed fast with the launch process so that it can test and release it as soon as possible. The latest smartphone features numerous fingerprint sensors and from the looks of it, a more secure identifier is currently out there.

This is probably the first time that Samsung will be including an iris scanner. With this iris scanner, the Samsung Galaxy S7 users should be able to look into their front camera and unlock their device. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge should come with a curved display and the same is expected in the upcoming S7.

Currently, people are already anticipating the release of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus with reports suggesting that they will need to compete with the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge along with the upcoming Galaxy S7, which is scheduled to release next year, around March.

Rumors regarding the S7 recently started surfacing on the internet while the iPhone 7 has been receiving rumors for quite some time, from suppliers in Asia. As a result, Samsung might decide to hasten their launch process and release this device this year, instead of the next.

Besides the iris scanning technology, this upcoming device should be able to scan for viruses as well. Further reports suggest that this device will come with a microSD slot that allows an expansion up to 128GB.

Right now, there is a big debate raging over whether the upcoming device from Samsung will be using an Exynos processor or revert back to the Snapdragon line-up. The Snapdragon 820 is currently under development and Samsung might decide to use it. The processor will include eight Kyro cores, locked at 3GHz. At the same time, rumors indicate that Samsung might be testing an alternate version of the Galaxy S7, equipped with the Exynos processor.

Meanwhile, in case of the upcoming iPhone 7, reports indicate that it will have a 2GB LPDDR4 RAM, which will include some major improvements and changes in terms of speed and multitasking abilities.

Further improvements in the iPhone 7 include an improved 12 megapixel camera and the incorporation of Force Touch Technology. It will also have an M9 co-processor and a 14 nanometer process A9 chipset reported by PC Advisor that will make the device more powerful than ever.