Nicki Minaj: Gets Into PDA with Meek, Shames Man for Selling Fake Merchandise, Set To Have A Game App!

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have gone all out to prove to the world that they are together and completely in love. The 32 year old singer kissed her 28 year old man in the presence of love audience during her concert Pinprint on 6th August.

Meek Mill and Drake have been at war for a very long time and Nicki Minaj is not leaving any stones unturned to prove on which team she is on. The two participated in a full out make out right on the stage on the tour.

Fans say that meek Mill couldn’t have said no to the offer since Nicki Minaj looked jaw-dropping beautiful in a white outfit. The two locked lips and got into a long make out session while fans cheered them on. When Nicki Minaj finally freed herself from the tight embrace she looked blissfully happy! has exclusive news that Meek Mill was furious with Nicki because she hasn’t been standing up for him against Drake. Meek and Drake have been involved in a long fight where both are after the other claiming that they don’t write their own raps.

Drake has even gone all out to mention that Nicki is only playing around with Meek and that she is soon going to dump him. It looks like Drake is soon going to find out that Nicki Minaj is in love and it is none other than Meek Mill.

Nicki and Meek has been in PDA before, but the one at Nicki’s Pinkprint concert has to be their strongest and it was done to drive out a point loud and clear. Nicki Minaj showed to the world on who’s side she is on regarding the feud between Meek Mill and Drake and she silenced her ex when it comes to her feeling for Meek.

Nicki Minaj doesn’t want to get involved in the problem with Meek Mill and Drake. She loves Meek and is good friends with Drake and doesn’t want to get caught in between the two. She believes that her actions speak louder than words and has gone ahead to make her stand very clear.

There were reports that Nicki Minaj is portraying her love for Meek in public to make Drake jealous. Nicki recently shared photos on Instagram showing her boyfriend holding her close and placing his hand on her derriere.

Drake has previously commented that Nicki doesn’t love Meek and is only acting so that she can make Drake jealous. He has even gone ahead to say that he will woo Nicki Minaj away from Meek Mill.

Last week a rumor that erupted that suggested that Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have gone their separate ways. The couple hasn’t come out to address the issue relating to their alleged split, but Nicki Minaj has gone ahead to post a lot of photos to silence all the rumors surrounding her relationship with Meek Mill.

Meek was furious with Nicki for not coming out and supporting him. She did share photos of them on social media, but Meek Mill did not think they were sufficient enough to make Drake see that she is standing up for him.

International Business Times has reported that Meek has requested Nicki to stand up for him against Drake. The issue between the two started when Meek had stated on Twitter that Drake doesn’t write his own songs and since then the two have been dissing each other with Drake saying that Meek uses Nicki to gain popularity.