Final Fantasy XV Will Borrow Technology from Just Cause 3, Reports on Clothes, Vehicles, Brands, And More Details

Recently Square Enix confirmed that it is collaborating with Avalanche Studios in order to use Just Cause 3 tech in Final Fantasy XV. The director of Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata revealed during an interview with IGN at Gamescom that there will be collaboration between the development team of both studios and discussions have already begun.

Tabata told IGN through a translator that they are having a talk with their central technology team that is located in Stockholm, Sweden, regarding a possible collaboration between them and the Final Fantasy XV team. He further declared that he has really high hopes about the possible upcoming collaboration.

They will talk about using advanced high-level and rare technology in their studio. They will be using it as an add-on feature in order to make the quality of a particular part of Final Fantasy XV more superior. He explained that they currently have thoughts about something special coming out.

However, Tabata pointed out that these discussions have just begun and there is no guarantee of any successful results without the collaboration. He was further inquired about the reason for this collaboration and Tabata declared that they are especially interested in the verticality aspect of Just Cause 3. In his words,” What really impressed me was how they have that vertical element to their games and the technology they use to achieve that kind of thing.”

He was really impressed with the guys at Avalanche Studios working on the vertical elements of the game along with the technology they applied to achieve such a feat. In the first gameplay trailer for Just Cause 3, there were some insane aerial stunts showcased like skydiving, wing-suit flying and plane-jacking.

Tabata admitted that he personally wanted to implement airships that can fly around in full-scale. Right now, he isn’t sure whether it can be accomplished within the retail release date but he definitely wants to do it, even if it means being made available as a later download. He is quite sure that fans would love to experience something like that.

As a result, he hopes to employ some of that technology into the upcoming Final Fantasy game achieve a major breakthrough with it. Hajime Tabata also feels that even the Just Cause team can benefit from such collaboration.

Tabata revealed that they have great technology in their department as well. They are aimed at creating real-time footage which is evident from footage that was recently shown in the trailer.

In the meantime, Hajime Tabata talked about certain details involving the game, especially regarding the use of some brands. The clothes for Noctis and friends were going to be made by Roen and the team at Final Fantasy XV wanted to retain them in a particular way.

They decided to use this by adding a storyline reason for the characters wearing black at the beginning. Meanwhile, Noctis and friends will change their outfits at key points in the game and the other characters will dress more colorfully.

Due to the Mario Kart 8’s DLC, the other brand which was brought up was Mercedes Benz and Tabata admitted that he was quite jealous about Nintendo getting the contract.

Be that as it may, the cars in Final Fantasy XV will have a German-vehicle inspired design. Noctis’ car is an important motif and it actually comes from his father. Hajime Tabata is trying to portray the upcoming Final Fantasy title as something totally different from Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Due to this reason, the game stopped using the Luminous Engine and the game’s story, tone, elements, was enhanced and changed with Stella being replaced as well.

In the meantime, the female Dragoon will not be summoning Leviathan. Her presence will not hinder any traditional jobs even though she has a key role in the story. The Guardians or Eidolons are not summoned like the earlier summons.