Nick Jonas In A Celebrity-Studded Performance At The MTV VMAs, Hints At Possible Collaboration With Joe Jonas

For Nick Jonas a former member of the band The Jonas Brothers that success along with his elder brothers Joe and Kevin success was not easy on his shoulders. He had difficulty shaking off the image he created as a child star.

And he thinks that it is rare that in addition to having managed to push his boundaries he has been able to have his success which is separate from his brother Joe, something about which he thinks himself to be lucky and which he considers to be rare.

He credits singer Demi Lovato who tells that he is her twin with helping him out with the difficulties.

The youngest Jonas and Lovato performed together at the concert on 27th August at the Saddledome in Calgary where Lovato belted out hits like Neon Lights, Fix a Heart, Give Your Heart a Break and Stone with Nick at the piano. No photographers were allowed in during the concert of ‘The Future Now: The Tour.’

This was not Nick’s only performance with a Camp Rock co-star. On the 28th of August he was joined by his brother Joe and his band DNCE while performing his latest single ‘Bacon’ from Last Year Was Complicated with Ty Dolla $ign at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA).

For the seemingly impromptu performance which took place outside the arena, Nick invaded New York City’s restaurant Tick Tock outside Madison Square Garden with a plate of bacon in hand and a lot of celebrities. The family friendly diner had been transformed into a night-club-ish space with tabletop dancing and shooting beams of light.

There was DNCE at a table having band members Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle and JinJoo Lee along with his brother Joe. Then there was supermodel Ashley Graham who featured in the video for ‘Toothbrush’ with Joe.

Also present were rappers ASAP Ferg and Fabulous and New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. And there were Instagram stars The Fat Jewish and Joanne the Scammer.

DNCE had been nominated for and won the award for the Best New Artist presented by Taco Bell category that night. Nick who after his performance joined the audience to cheer for Joe when the latter took the award with his band mates, says that he is proud of his brother’s new venture whose progress has been beyond belief this year.

On being asked whether there was someone special in his life the 23-year-old replied that he is single, happy hanging out and enjoying his life.

When being asked whether collaboration was on the cards between the younger Jonases he said one should never rule anything out. The brothers are still close to each other and that they are roommates. Their last collaboration was on the album ‘Live’ after which the band announced their split in 2013.

Their closeness is evident by the adorable pics Nick posted of the brothers getting tattooed together in Snapchat just a few hours before the beginning of the awards show the brothers got matching tattoos.

In videos shared back-to-back to his My Story the process of getting the tattoos were captured and they showed the two brothers lying on their chairs while the tattoo artists drew arrows on their triceps.

The photo of the outcome showed Nick and Joe standing side-by-side with their backs towards the camera and it showed the arrow on the arm of each brother pointing toward the one at the side. The word ‘Boom’ was sprawled across the picture.

This afternoon act was regarded as a preparation for the fun night which was to follow and Nick told ET that he had also got pedicures and manicures along with his brother back then.

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