New Patch Rolled Out for Xbox, PlayStation and Wii U Versions of Minecraft, Introduces Additional Features!

  • Fix for MCCE #483 in which while looking at a chest while standing on it would prevent the player from moving and the camera would jitter.
  • Fix for MCCE #863 in the map would not work as intended.
  • Fix for MCCE #1739 in which no icon would appear in the item frame map.
  • Fix for MCCE #1757 in which Slimes would spawn in Witch Huts.
  • Fix for MCCE #1803 in which Item frames would vanish in a weird draw distance.

Similar tweaks and fixes were also included in the Wii U version and the Xbox version of the update.

A renowned website recently reported about a brand new Minecraft tool that has been created by the game’s community. This tool, titled- Minebored, would allow players who are playing the game on PC to get a list of 3000 live multiplayer servers of the game.

They can randomly join any of the servers from the list. To access this list player will have to type “” in the Server Address field of the game. Hitting the Refresh button after typing in the above text will show a game that can be joined by the player. They can continue to get new servers by hitting the Refresh button over and over again.

Stay tuned for more update on Minecraft.