Free Games in April for the PS4 Live in Playstation Plus, Who Is Offering the Best Free Games this April, Sony or Microsoft? Let’s See

This month is pretty interesting for both Xbox and PlayStation supporters since we are entering a particularly hot season for platform holders and they are further willing to convince  that their efforts  in caring about the gamers who are original. Well, what about PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection and Xbox Live’s Games With Gold in April?

There are a lot of things to be offered in this month and from the looks of it, Sony is starting to understand people’s demand and it is not exclusively based on the original and petty indie games as well, specifically on triple-A titles.

However, it still remains digital. On the other hand, Microsoft keeps running the blockbuster road and after releasing Lords of The Fallen, it offers another AAA Action Adventure game that Xbox fans are bound to fall in love with. However, for now they are the underdog.

Dead Star is a pretty interesting title releasing from Armature Studio. It is a twin-stick shooter for PC and PlayStation 4. It features level ups, loot, team-based space combat (up to 10v10), spaceship customization, live multiplayer matches invasion and a lot more. In my opinion, the most interesting thing is the battlefield procedural creation.

This means that every map will be different in terms of what was included in it from another. This is because it is being created as soon as you start your mission. It is an indie game as you say but this title is definitely worth checking out. After a disappointing debut on Wii U and a re-launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One a few months ago, most gamers know about Zombi.

Keep in mind that this game is simply a remaster and a point to be noted is that this game launched in August. It means Sony is offering a pretty recent product from an established AAA provider. At the same time, it is not as expensive as Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty but this is a good signal from Sony indicating that they have received the message from gamers.

From now on, things should be better when it comes to blockbuster titles being released free for PlayStation Plus consumers. You will love it if you prefer permadeath and Zombies.

Additional PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection’s April titles comprise of I am Alive which is a post-apocalyptic survival game released by Ubisoft and you need to avoid a dangerous fog and further scavenge for resources along with Savage moon for PS3.

At the same time, PlayStation Vita owners don’t look as lucky as the PS3 or PS4 titles but they simply get A Virus Named Tom and Shutshimi and they are simply not popular nowadays. When you are talking about Games with Gold, Microsoft is working excellently lately.

It has engaged Xbox Live supporters and subscribers with at least one awesome blockbuster game every month. Every person owning a monthly pass to the online gaming platform, we have two very interesting titles for everyone.

Meanwhile, The Wolf Among Us is one of the most inspired Telltale Games episodic series. It is based on the Fables licenses. Furthermore, it inspired to it’s usually noir world of beasts and fairy tales.

There is a great cast of characters and in spite of lacking a bit of quality and surprise in final episodes; you will love this developer if you will definitely enjoy this good story. In terms of offer, Microsoft decided to showcase it differently from PlayStation Plus and Sony.