Danny DeVito Knows Nothing about Pokemon, Trainers Can Now Download the Legendary Jirachi!

Some time ago, the internet tried its best to get Nintendo to hire Danny DeVito to be the voice of Pikachu in Detective Pikachu. It is a game that features the yellow rodent in the role of a detective of course, in a rather Case-Closed style.

Things went so far that a petition came up and it received a little more than 48000 signatures, just a little less than the required 50000. Sadly, the petition fell on deaf ears. During a panel discussion the cast of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, DeVito was asked whether he would take on the role of Detective Pikachu. Not only did he reply ‘No’, he further asked what the f was Pokemon? I mean, come on!

However, considering everything, it is not too surprising that Danny DeVito doesn’t know about Pokemon. During the time of its premiere, he was totally involved in post-Space Jam/Hercules/Mars Attacks! Phase of his movie career. Moreover, he is quite a busy man and have you ever wondered when this guy is not working. At the same time, he could be a secret Pokemon fan.

Between takes on the set of ‘Always Sunny’, he probably goes back to his trailer once or twice, put on fingerless gloves and an Ash Ketchum cap and then rock out some moves on his 3DS to complete his Pokedex. Again, when he is called back to the set, he lets out a sigh of sadness, stuffing all the goodies in a safe place somewhere, and returns back to his normal, boring day-to-day life.

Pokemon fans were busy celebrating the third month of the year-long celebration of 20 years of Pokemon.  We enjoyed a lot and now it’s time to sit, relax, kick back and chill during the Jirachi month. It is a great month for Pokemon toy collectors.

Tomy and The Pokemon Company teamed up to deliver a different set of Mythical Pokemon Products each month. January kicked off with Pikachu and it is available all year around. Mew was available on February and March witnessed Celebi. Then we had special distribution event in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire along with Pokemon X and Y.

There is a distribution event going on till 24th April in Jirachi and we also have a Pokémon Trading Card Game set. Jirachi further received a pair of collectible toys, one plush and one Pokéball figure combo. The figure further includes a Premier Ball and Celebi has the ability to stand up on its own, just don’t breathe on it!

Well thankfully, last month’s Celebi finally got a stand. Even then, the Pokemon has a lot of trouble standing. Then again, what can you expect from a Pokemon that stays awake for around 7 days in 1000 years.

It’s amazing to even the plushie having its eyes open. The best solution is to make use of the ball from the smaller figure in order to prop up the plush. Jirachi is a steel/psychic, so understandably heavier than most and it further takes a steady hand.

It’s a Pokemon, so Celebi deserves a friend too! You should know that the Jirachi toys are Toys’R’Us exclusives. However, there is a lot of time before the month ends and you’ve got a good chance to grab a couple if the hardcore collectors aren’t looking. Dakrai, next month’s Pokemon, will be a GameStop exclusive.

2016 is the 20th anniversary of Nintendo’s beloved Pokemon franchise and this birthdate marks the debut of Pokemon Red and Green versions in Japan. In order to keep the fans celebrating the milestone, The Pokemon Company has been doing a lot of interesting things.